Yishun Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Yishun Secondary School

Yishun Secondary School Logo

Know All About The Yishun Secondary School

Yishun Secondary School (YSS) is a coeducational public secondary school in the Singapore suburb of Yishun. Yishun Secondary School, located at 71 Yishun Street 4, is the first school to launch Sonic Arts’ Applied Learning Program (ALP).

Yishun Secondary School Auditorium

Our Mission: 

To offer well-balanced schooling to our scholars that develop their capacity intellectually, physically, morally, socially, emotionally, and aesthetically and prepares them to contribute to the nation. 

Our Vision: 

Quality Mind 

A Caring Heart 

Our Values: 





We seek, we struggle, and we ascend.

Desired Outcomes of Yishunites: 

A Thinker 

An Innovator 

A Contributor


Our school sign is like a drop of water, representing our hunger for education. The branches symbolize our three ideas and serve as guiding principles in achieving the three intended results for Yishunites. The branches’ gradual development represents the numerous phases of learning that our students must go through before reaching their final objective. The circle signifies the results of one’s labour, which may get obtained via hard work, determination, and self-discipline.

Yishun Secondary School Students


In December 2000, Ow Chiong Hoo was named the third principal. The school initiated the Program for the Reconstruction and Improvement of Existing Schools in June 2002. (PRIME). Goh Choon Leng gets appointed as the fourth director of Yishun Secondary School the same year. Yishun Secondary School honoured its 20th anniversary in 2006 by publishing Mi Yishun: Counting, Pondering, Remembering. Ng Ngoing Keng gets appointed as the sixth director of Yishun Secondary School in December 2008. In conjunction with the first Yishun Secondary School Arts Extravaganza in 2011, we launched the Yishun Secondary School Heritage Walk. In December 2014, Ng Shok Yan got appointed as the sixth director of Yishun Secondary School. In 2016, Yishun Secondary School celebrated its 30th anniversary, and in 2017, the annual mass run inauguration.

Yishun Secondary School

Applied Learning Programme (ALP):

Yishun Secondary School’s (YSS) ALP in Sonic Arts emphasizes music composition, media, and technology. Students participate on a voyage of discovery, beginning with acquiring a passion for music via GMP and progressing to understanding technology through the development of music and video projects. Sonic Arts are to engage and affect pupils by a devoted group of instructors. All Level 1 students learn to enjoy music through the school’s assembly program, music courses, and student-led lunchtime performances, which follow a three-tiered strategy. Students at Level 3 in concerts, productions, relationships with abroad college institutes, and collaborations.

Yishun Secondary School Auditorium

Learning for Life Programme (LLP):

The Community Youth Leadership (CYL) LLP at Yishun High School (YSS) aims to improve student leadership abilities and develop community belonging through meaningful service. At Yishun Secondary School, we believe in inspiring every Yishunite to take the initiative and serve the needs of the impoverished and disadvantaged. We seek to foster a lifetime of volunteerism through many parts of the art.

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