Yishun Town Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Yishun Town Secondary School

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What You Need to Know About Yishun Town Secondary School 

Yishun Town Secondary School (YTSS) is a co-educational, self-sufficient secondary school in Yishun, Singapore. The faculty became established in 1986, initially sharing its buildings with Yishun Secondary School and Yishun Junior College. The faculty relocated to a new $8.1 million site along Yishun Street 21 in 1988. Aside from inter-faculty contests among students, parent-trainer races connect with the mother and father and academic personnel. This annual event gets discontinued in 2017 for unexplained reasons.

Yishun Town Secondary School 1

Our Goal:

A Leadership Community

A Professionals’ Brotherhood

A Distinctive School

Our Objective:

Changing hearts and minds, developing leaders of character and distinction for the future

Our Values: 

We uphold honesty.

We respect what we demonstrate.

We express our gratitude.

We build resilience.

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The letter Y appears in the school logo, representing Yishun and youth, eager to meet the new millennium’s difficulties. The four arrows indicate the development of the heart, body, intellect, and spirit as the circle represents the ultimate objective of a well-rounded student, in keeping with the Yishun Town Secondary School vision of well-rounded education. The blue backdrop symbolizes a calm and harmonious educational environment. The color yellow reflects the vigor of our endeavors.

Yishun Town Secondary School Field 1

Our Histories:

Mr. Lim Yam Meng got appointed as the founding director of Yishun City High School (YTS) in January 1986. YTSS began with only nine classrooms and 13 pioneering teachers, sharing facilities with Yishun High School until relocating to 21 Yishun Street on March 31, 1988. Dr. Koh Lip presided over the school’s ceremonial opening ceremony on July 29, 1988, honoring Lin, Member of Parliament for Nee Soon. Mr. Ooi Cheng Hock was the director of YTSS from 1996 until 1999. The school received structural upgrades under his guidance in 1997 when the old Bougainvillea block was to accommodate more classes. It set the groundwork for the upcoming year’s successful transition to a one-session school.

Mr. Tan Teck Hock joined the school as the third YTSS Director in December 1999. Mr. Tan undertook various modifications, including architectural enhancements, over his six years at YTSS to create a more supportive and lively teaching and learning environment. These are among the new features of Pondok Yidao, the BBQ spaces, the eco-pond, the orchid research area, the Fern Lounge, and the water fountain.

Yishun Town Secondary School Pond 1

Mr. Tan Yee Kan became the school’s fourth principal in December 2005. At the same time, YTSS was temporarily relocated to a holding campus in Sembawang for two years, while the Yishun campus was under the Ministry of Education’s Reconstruction and Improvement of Existing Schools program (PRIME). After completing the PRIME renovation in December 2007, YTSS returned to its Yishun location and began the 2008 academic year at the newly updated school campus.

Several additional facilities are on the site, including an indoor gymnasium, an air-conditioned multipurpose room, and two conference rooms. YTSS broke new ground by obtaining the Singapore Best Practices for Teaching and Learning Award and Quality Class in 2009. YTSS was awarded Autonomous Status in 2010. Ms. Tan ChuenYin took over the baton in December 2010. YTSS received the 2011 Best Practices Award for Staff Welfare under her supervision.

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