Yuan Ching Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Yuan Ching Secondary School

Yuan Ching Secondary School Singapore

Find The Best Points About Yuan Ching High School.

Yuan Ching Secondary School is a high school in Jurong West, Singapore. It was founded in January 1978 as a coeducational, state-run school with integrated students who chose either Chinese or English as the language of instruction. Mr Chou We Chuan was the founding director. From 1978 to 1985, the school also functioned as a pre-university centre, offering arts and commerce courses. The last group of Chinese middle school students graduated in 1. The Yuan Ching Secondary School Advisory Committee supports the School,  Parent Support Group, and Yuan Ching Alumni in collaboration with the Jurong West Neighborhood Police Center, the Taman Jurong Community Club, the Southwest Community Development Council, and the Lakeside MRT Station.

Yuan Ching Secondary School Classroom


The phrase “efforts today, benefits tomorrow” is the Chinese word.


The spinning wheel on the school shield signifies development and constant improvement. The Band of Students Holding Hands depicts the school’s loving, supportive, and close-knit community and emphasizes strong collaboration with stakeholders and partners. The dazzling sun, where the source of learning shines, is central to the school crest, motivating love for lifelong learning and full child development.

Yuan Ching Secondary School Auditorium


At Yuan Ching Secondary School, we believe that every student has the potential to become a sustainable, productive citizen with a lifetime love of study. Yuan Ching Education focuses on the strong collaboration between instructors, parents, alumni, and the community to develop the whole kid so they can attain their full potential. Our students acquire and build positive thinking attitudes based on The Yuan Ching Secondary School ABCD Habits of Thought, which are made explicit through instructional delivery, student empowerment, and purposeful reinforcement such as role modelling. We also help students develop a growth mindset, financial understanding, and motivational abilities, which are essential for success in a globalized, technology-driven society.

Yuan Ching Secondary School Sports

Learning for Life Program:   

Our Learning for Life (LLP) program increased its scope in 2018 to include “Outdoor Sports and Education” with dragon boat features to give numerous learning experiences and possibilities. As a result, the LLP’s name and concept are “Adding Value Through Sports and Outdoor Experiences.” In 2020, we will extend our LLP with our unique talent development program to capitalize on the development of character and life skills for all kids.

Yuan Ching Secondary School Brigade

Applied learning program:  

In 2016, our school launched the Applied Learning Program (ALP) on Marine Robotics. Our ALP (Marine Robotics) program blends classroom knowledge and scientific thinking skills with relevant real-world scenarios such as navigating the future of transportation. This curriculum increases our students’ enthusiasm and love for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), while also allowing kids to build life skills, attitudes, and competencies that will allow them to apply their knowledge in the real world.

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