Yuying Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Yuying Secondary School

Yuying Secondary School Logo

It’s All About The Yuying Secondary School

Yuying Secondary School was established in 1910 by the Hainanese community as a Chinese-medium high school. At the time, it was known as Yock Eng High School and was on Prinsep Street. The institution began with only about 15 students enrolled. However, because enrollment continued to rise, Yuying Secondary School rapidly exceeded its facilities. In 1939, the School Management Board launched a marketing push to raise the price range for fresh new facilities.

The institution reopened its doors to students in July 1946, with 600 students enrolled. In terms of enrollment and recognition, the post-battle years were a period of rapid growth for the college. Enrollment reached a peak of 2400 students in 1958. During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a trend toward English-medium education as opposed to Chinese-medium education. As a result, in 1981, the institution welcomed its first cohort of English-flow college students. The final group of Chinese-speaking college students graduated in 1988. On December 9, 1985, the institution relocated to its present location at 47 Hougang Ave 1. On August 13, 1987, the institution was renamed and inaugurated as Yuying Secondary School.

Yuying Secondary School

School crest:

The school coat of arms is of two concentric rings with an eagle in the shape of a capital “Y” in the inner circle. The outer ring has the school name, Yuying High School, and the school slogan, “Together, Achieve Personal Excellence.” The school’s name is in Chinese characters on the inner ring. “Yu” means to nurture in Chinese, while “Ying” denotes a hero or talent. Taken together, it indicates the school’s intention to foster and develop our pupils’ skills so that they can be helpful Singapore citizens.

The stylized eagle on the inner ring represents the sort of student the school wishes to develop: a flying eagle, strong, quick, and powerful, but also determined and resilient, always striving for greater heights. 

The white hue represents purity, and the red eagle represents worldwide brotherhood and collaboration. As a result, the school’s slogan is “Achieving personal greatness together.” The school’s motto, “Together, Let’s Achieve Personal Excellence,” emphasizes the value of collaboration and togetherness within the school.

Yuying Secondary School Auditorium


Entrepreneurial Learners for Excellence


To develop whole individuals with a global mindset, a desire to learn, and a spirit to serve.


Integrity, resiliency, respect, and accountability


Achieve Personal Excellence Together.

Yuying Secondary School Canteen

Leadership Development:

Make leadership opportunities available to all students. Training courses at all levels are to instil leadership traits. Collaborate with other groups on training and events to capitalize on students’ leadership talents. With award programs, you may inspire exceptional leadership.

Every Yuying disciple possesses fundamental leadership abilities. It gets accomplished through the modules presented in CCE programs at all levels. Students can then keep their new beliefs, skills, and knowledge to use by taking up leadership roles in their class, CCA, or school. Student leaders get specialized training for their positions. They allow their newly acquired skills to use in the activities/camps/events they plan.

Yuying Secondary School Lobby

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