Zhenghua Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Zhenghua Secondary School

Zhenghua Secondary School Singapore

Everything You Need To Know About Zhenghua Secondary School

Zhenghua Secondary School is a government-supported co-educational secondary school in Singapore’s Bukit Panjang neighbourhood. The school develops students into principled, future-ready leaders and offers secondary education based on the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level or Normal Level exams. Every student at Zhenghua has a strong set of values that will last a lifetime. It provides kids with the moral compass they need to make good life decisions and helps them grow into resilient and contributing members of society. Zhenghua Secondary School likewise focuses on providing its students with the skills and abilities they need to succeed in the modern workplace. 

Zhenghua Secondary School Pond

School Crest

Zhenghua Secondary School crest has a sliced white ‘Z’ depicting water. It represents the ongoing flow of knowledge and abilities taught and learned in school, as well as youthful vigour and vitality. It bursts free from the frame limits to symbolize breaking free from a mindset. The plasma of life is represented by the crimson in the crest, while the blue globe represents worldwide opportunities.

Appearance and attire

Male students dress in a red short-sleeved shirt, black-long pants, white or black socks, and black shoes. Female students wear a red short-sleeved blouse tucked in a black skirt that must cover the knees, white or black socks, and black shoes. Students can also opt to wear a polo t-shirt. It’s constructed of more comfortable material and has a similar appearance to the school uniform.

Students may also wear a half-uniform which consists of a formal bottom and a tucked-in PE t-shirt. It’s only allowed after recess, PE, curriculum hours, and non-school days.

Zhenghua Secondary School Garden

Scholarly Data

Zhenghua Secondary School, as a government secondary school, offers three academic streams: the four-year Express course and the Normal course, which includes Academic tracks in Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical).

O Level Express Course

The Express Course is a four-year program offered all over the country that prepares students for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level exams.

Zhenghua Secondary School Benches

Normal Course

The Normal Course is a four-year program that runs either the Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) curriculum, abbreviated as N(A) and N(T) correspondingly and leads to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examinations.

Academic course

Students taking the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal Level examinations offer 5-8 subjects in the Normal (Academic) semester. The subjects that are required are:

  • English Language
  • Mother Tongue Language
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Humanities

N(A) students who perform well on their Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination are eligible for a 5th year leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level examination. Students can move from one course to another based on their grades and the principal’s and teachers’ assessments.

Zhenghua Secondary School

Technical Course

Students enrolled in the Normal (Technical) level are preparing for technical-vocational education at the Institute of Technical Education. The Singapore-Cambridge GCE Normal-Level test will require students to offer 5-7 subjects. 

The course improves students’ English and mathematics skills. Students take English Language, Mathematics, a Basic mother tongue, and computer applications.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs)

Zhenghua Secondary School offers 20 co-curricular activities (CCAs), including uniform groups, clubs and societies, sports, and the performing arts.

Zhenghua Secondary School Student

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