Zhonghua Secondary School

by | Jun 30, 2022

Zhonghua Secondary School

Zhonghua Secondary School Logo

What To Know About Zhonghua Secondary School?

Zhonghua Secondary School is a Singaporean Autonomous secondary school that became an English-medium government school in 1990. The school develops Zhonghuarians into passionate learners who strive for excellence, dynamic and resilient leaders who are passionate about innovation, and cultured and caring citizens with a global perspective. Kids provide a nurturing and supportive environment they can enjoy learning, thrive, and achieve their goals. They also divided science and technology education into three main categories of Glocal Perspectives Education and Environmental and Sustainability Education to engage students actively and meaningfully in their learning. Zhonghua Secondary School offers a student-centred, future-ready curriculum and Signature Programs. 

Zhonghua Secondary School

School Programs

Art Elective Programme (AEP)

In 2010, the first AEP class at Zhonghua Secondary School began. It is now a well-established AEP school that provides Zhonghuarians with a fascinating and challenging four-year art program. Students learn to apply their artistic skills to real-life difficulties and circumstances through contextualized learning experiences. 

Cross-Cultural Programme

They hope to foster Zhonghuarians’ enthusiasm and appreciation for various cultures by holding school assembly performances, learning journeys, and enrichment courses. Zhonghuarians will also participate in structured cultural modules like cultural camps, songwriting, Chinese calligraphy, and seal carving courses.

Zhonghua Secondary School Classroom

Data Literacy Programme

The Data Literacy trans-disciplinary team gets founded in 2018 as part of curricular innovation and with instructors from several departments (Humanities, EL, Math, Science, and Computing) who shared the goal of equipping Zhonghua students with data literacy skills.

Environmental Sustainability Programme

The Environmental Sustainability Program strives to raise Zhonghuarians’ understanding of issues that may impact the environment on which all of them rely. 

Robotics and Computing Programme

The school has positioned Robotics and Computing to boost the curriculum by offering practical learning, to ride the current worldwide wave for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.

Zhonghua Secondary School Library

STEAM Research Programme

The STEAM Research Programme is a one-year research initiative for TDP students. Students get supervised by Zhonghua teachers on projects relevant to sustainability and livability using the creative problem solving and design thinking frameworks.

School Crest

After converting from a girls’ school to a co-educational school in 1984 and renaming the school in 1987, the crest of Zhonghua Secondary School changed. 

Since 1987, the crest has included the English name of the school. Over a green, leaf-shaped background, the current features the school’s name written in Traditional Chinese characters. The leaf’s shape is reminiscent of mainland China’s geographical features, reflecting the school’s history as a revolutionary-era institution founded by Chinese nationalists.

Zhonghua Secondary School Singapore


Zhonghua Secondary School’s uniform was a modernized and updated version of the school’s initial uniform. Boys wore a full white uniform with the metal school badge pinned on the left chest level, while females wore white shirts with below-the-knee pleated skirts. Following substantial student protests, the uniform was modified in2002, with primary alterations to the girl’s outfit.

Girls wear green skirts with white blouses with the school Insignia embroidered on the left chest. The full white uniform gets kept for boys, consisting of a white shirt, white shorts for lower secondary, and white long pants for higher secondary.

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