Xinmin Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Xinmin Secondary School

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All You Need To Know About Xinmin Secondary School

Xinmin Secondary School (XMSS) is a self-sufficient co-educational secondary school in Hougang, Singapore. Through Yap Fun Hong, Xinmin Secondary School became Sin Min Public School. Yap sold five of his pigs to raise funds for three homes on Upper Serangoon Road. Lessons for number one faculty training began on November 1, 1945. The initial enrolment was limited to 620 pupils. Ultimately, secondary education was in 1956.

Xinmin Secondary School Auditorium


Under the guidance of Goh Tong Pak, Xinmin High School’s curriculum changed between 1992 and 1997, including tighter restrictions and the development of an inclusive culture. The school quickly earned a reputation as one of Singapore’s finest neighbourhood schools and was named one of the top 20 value-added schools in 1992-1993. The Ministry of Education granted the autonomous status in 2001 in honour of its sustained achievement in holistic education. From January 2003 to December 2004, Xinmin High School relocated to a holding site on Sengkang West Avenue to refurbish its Hougang campus.

Xinmin High School was the first neighbourhood school to obtain the School Excellence Award in September 2005. In 2010, Xinmin High School broke the Singapore Book of World Records by creating the world’s enormous sculpture out of recycled cans to commemorate its 65th anniversary. The Xinmin Secondary School finished construction on a Creative Arts Complex in 2013. Students raised cash through Homecoming Day activities and significant gifts from renowned graduates such as Dr. George Quek, Founder and CEO of BreadTalk, and Chua Kee Teag of Mukim Investment.

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Our Goal:

Leading Hearts, 

Leading Minds

Our Mission:

Develop each Xinmin student to become a creative learner, a caring employee, and a self-assured leader.

Our Principles:

  • Value
  • Definition


Individuals believe in their inherent value and the intrinsic worth of all individuals.


It recognizes their responsibilities to themselves, their family, community, nation, and the world and fulfils them with love and commitment.


It develops emotional strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. It also demonstrates courage, optimism, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

Xinmin Secondary School Field


CCE Lessons:

National Education (NE), Sex Education (SEd), Mental Health (MH), Vocational Education and Counseling (ECG), Cyber Wellness (CW), and Education Family (FE) classes are into a school-wide strategy.

Current Concerns:

The discussion of current topics in CCE education seeks to foster active citizenship and critical thinking in students and help them grasp diverse views on current events. Every two weeks, discuss contemporary themes.

Xinmin Secondary School Statue

Student Development Opportunities:

Student Development Experiences (SDE) are programs and activities that help our students develop holistically in physical, artistic, intellectual, moral, and social aspects. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) experiences, Educational and Career Counseling (ECG) experiences, National Education (NE) Memorial Days, and our unique VIA program, Xinmin Cares, are some of the SDEs at Xinmin High School.

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