Yishun Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

Yishun Primary School

Yishun Primary School Classroom

Everything you need to know about the Yishun Primary School

The old Yishun Primary School get erected on Yishun Ring Road in 1982 and was the first primary school in Yishun New Town. Mr. Marvin Chan, who was assigned to the school as Principal in January 2020, is now in charge of the school. Yishun Primary School offers numerous programs and initiatives to provide a solid curriculum for its kids despite shifting goals and relevance to provide a Student-Centric, Values-Driven Education. Yishun Primary School has long been a preferred school among local families. The ministry’s authorized spaces for the Primary One Registration Exercises get filled every year.

Philosophy, culture, and Ethos in the Classroom

The school is committed to Student-Centric, Values-Driven Education (SVE) and incorporated it into the construction of its program’s visual representation of its mission, purpose, and values.

  • School Culture

The Core Theory of Success lies at the heart of the school’s caring and learning culture. It gets actively promoted in the CAMPSL domains through effective linkages, staff learning and development, and student development.

  • Striving for Excellence

YPS has been recognized for excellence in both academic and co-curricular areas over the years. The school continues to provide a strong foundation in reading and numeracy abilities, cultivate a love of learning, and equip students with 21st Century Competencies and greater moral values to prepare them for life.

  • As Key Enablers, Staff, and Teachers

Every graduate of YPS has passed through the capable hands of the school’s professors. The school emphasizes staff and teacher development to cultivate excellent connections with employees, teachers, and other stakeholders.

  • School Vision

Confident Learners, Caring School 

  • School Mission

Inspire a love of learning by offering a loving and supportive atmosphere character-driven leaders trust in their potential to study and succeed.

The Curriculum:

Unique Programmes and services:

  •  Championing Values: Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Using Music to Live, Learn, and Grow: The school’s LLP strives to enhance child character via its 6-year progressive music curriculum, which gets based on the concepts of Music for All and Music for Excellence.
  • Environment Science Applied Learning Program (ALP): The ALP seeks to teach our students the practical ideas of science and how they interact with the environment via inquiry-based learning.
  • Project Work in the school is fascinating and engaging because students engage themselves in the Design Thinking process while tackling real-world problems.
  • PrAISE (Pre-Assembly Instruction for Student Engagement) and AR2ISE (All-Round Recess Instruction for Student Engagement) are two types of pre-assembly instruction for student engagement. The school’s PrAISE and AR2ISE programs get used to help all students grow holistically. Pupils participate in brain-based exercises and game-based learning through these programs.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs):

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art Club
  • Band – Concert
  • Dance – Chinese
  • Dance – Indian
  • Dance – International
  • Dance – Malay
  • Ensemble – Angklung / Kulintang
  • Ensemble – Gamelan

Uniformed Groups

  • Scouts

Physical Sports

  • Basketball
  • Floorball
  • Football (Boys)

Clubs and Societies

  • Chess Club
  • Green Club
  • IT Club
  • Sports Club

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