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by | May 12, 2022

AGA Architects

AGA Architects Review

Our Practice AGA is a well-established architectural firm that provides expert design consultation in support of our mission to create a more enriched environment. Our project portfolio reflects the depth of our dedication and exemplifies our ambitions for a modern architectural firm.

Our home-grown architectural practice, Atelier Group Architects, was founded in 1979 and has gathered works of all sizes and purposes.

We’ve worked hard over the years to establish an architectural practice that delivers modern and adaptable solutions to meet current needs. Today, as we grow beyond our humble beginnings, we stay encouraged to do good deeds and work hard to attain our goals.

Our firm was formed as AGA Architects Private Limited on August 8, 2008, in order to chart new horizons and diversify our business. We will continue to retain our dedication to create exceptional works, both locally and internationally, from our headquarters in Singapore.

Our Concept

Each design starts with a thorough grasp of the program and the environment.

We take pleasure in working together with our customers and consultants to develop suitable techniques to meet the program’s needs.

The affinity of our architecture to the area and the context that characterizes the place inspires our ideas. We aim to promote an understanding of the contextual aspects by working at different sizes. We were enthralled by the quest of clues that led to design solutions with intrinsic contextual sensitivity.

The concepts of our designs are informed by the discipline of contemporary architecture, which emphasizes the importance of inquiry and exploration in the design process. We aim for innovation and originality in every development. The space, light, and structural order of our architecture help us achieve both excitement and peace.

Various degrees of knowledge and execution of concepts that arise from the design process are at the heart of our work.


Individuals who like exploring, analyzing, and adapting to new circumstances are eligible for internships. All levels of interns are encouraged to apply.

You will be exposed to a variety of initiatives throughout your time at AGA. Real-world exposure to varied architectural activities, from concept design to managing actual building on site, is what you will benefit the most from our internship programs.

SUTD Scholarship – AGA

The AGA – SUTD Scholarship was founded to give chances to excellent students studying Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) at SUTD.

The fellowship is offered to full-time students from all nationalities who want to pursue or are already enrolled in the Architecture and Sustainable Design pillar of study at SUTD.

Our AGA is built on the concepts of interaction and exchange.

Each member of AGA brings a unique set of skills, disciplines, and experiences to the table. Individual encounters, we feel, contribute to stimulate creativity and, as a result, deepen the dynamics of our profession.

We understand that design must be influenced by ongoing exchanges of ideas, expertise, and experiences. Our work culture’s comprehensive approach is reflected in the practice of continuous discussions. The intellectual variety of our open studio is the backbone of our practice.

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