Ar43 Architects

by | May 13, 2022

Ar43 Architects

Ar43 Architects


AR43 Architects Pte Ltd is an award-winning design practice that has executed a diverse variety of projects across Asia, including commercial, hotel, institutional, custom-designed homes, and interior architecture. The business is managed by founder Lim Cheng Kooi who has more than 25 years of expertise in the profession and many of his earlier works garnered accolades notably acclaim via articles in prominent architectural periodicals.

The recognition of a duty to the built environment, as well as a grasp of both the physical and emotional reconstructive power of architecture, are characteristics of AR43 design work. The firm’s work is characterized by its use of fundamental compositional and geometric components, as well as a lack of pretension or established style. Each design develops from a combination of site and program, experimenting with a range of architectural interpretations before finally constructing in remarkable ways within the client’s everyday finances.


The company is structured as a collaborative group of individuals with a wide range of skills. Our finest designs happen when people get together and challenge each other to come up with fresh and interesting ideas, rethink processes, and find new ways to express themselves. Each project serves as a fresh platform for furthering the overall practice while reaching a specific set of objectives. Passionate young designers and architects collaborate with the most experienced hands in our organization, combining expertise with new ideas.

AR43 has been described as a company that is dedicated to creating creative and ethical design.

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