Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

by | May 20, 2022

Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School

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Best achievements And Programmes Of Ahmad Ibrahim School

The Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School (AIPS) was established in 1995 and is named after Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, a former Member of Parliament for Sembawang who served as Minister for Health and then Minister for Labour during Singapore’s early years of independence. The history school serves as a reminder of Singapore’s leaders’ perseverance, tenacity, and pride in the nation they built in the school of Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School. In 1995, the school had 23 classes, with the majority of the pupils and staff coming from School, which had closed in November 1994. Since 2003.

Leader U Development Program – The 3Rs:

The LLP (From Values to Action: Developing Community-based Student Leaders) programme focuses on character and leadership development. It focuses on three fundamental leadership characteristics: respect, resilience, and responsibility. We think that every child has the potential to lead and that the great way to develop leadership abilities is through Values-In-Action programmes in Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School. These real-life circumstances opportunities students to develop as socially responsible leaders capable of leading and serving their classmates, school, community, and the larger community.

Education on the Environment:

The ALP (Nurturing Students to be Environmental Stewards) programme teaches skills, knowledge, and values that promote environmental stewardship. Through Inquiry-based Learning and Investigative Case-based Learning, the learning experiences aim to raise awareness of students’ responsibility for environmental quality, save valuable resources, and improve SEL and 21st CC skills.

Project 5Cs:

21st Century qualities for our pupils are confidence, cooperation, curiosity, creativity, and cultural and environmental awareness. Using methodologies like the Inquiry-Based Learning and Thinking Skills project gives our students real-world opportunities to apply skills they’ve learned across topics. Outrageous Day (TOD) is a day set aside every year for students in grades 3 through 5 to display their integrated project work.


In 2011, AIPS classified as a Cluster N2 Centre of Learning for Chinese (Primary) and given niche status for the School-Based Excellence for Character and Citizenship Education was later renamed the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in 2014. From Values into Action — Nurturing Community-based Student Leaders Program, an AIPS initiative, focuses on students’ community involvement and leadership development. 

AIPS received its Applied Learning Program (ALP) designation in 2016 through the Sustainability Education – Nurturing Students to be Stewards of Our Environment programme addition to LLP. Students’ knowledge of their responsibility for environmental quality and resource conservation, socio-emotional competencies and 21st-century abilities are the goals of the learning activities.


  • National CL Story Challenge [1st Runner-Up]
  • ML [2nd Prize] Online Essay Writing and Storytelling Competition
  • [Most Popular Story Award] Margo National Tamil Story Telling Olympiad


Best Practice: Character and Citizenship Education, Partnership

SYF Arts Presentation

  • Art – Category A [Recognition]
  • Choir [Accomplishment]
  • Dance – Chinese [Distinction], Indian [Distinction], Malay [Accomplishment]
  • Ensemble – Angklung/Kulintang [Accomplishment], Harmonica [Accomplishment]
  • Uniformed Groups Unit Recognition
  • Scout [Bronze]

Uniform Requirements:

At school and on outings must wear your entire uniform/school clothes (including Saturdays, school holidays and camps in school). At all times, name tags are worn. Name tags for boys place on the pocket’s upper border. Name tags for girls beneath the school crest.

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