Bukit View Secondary School

by | Jun 19, 2022

Bukit View Secondary School

Bukit View Secondary School Logo

Know the Bukit View Secondary School’s Specialized Programs

Bukit View Secondary School is a government secondary school in Bukit Batok, Singapore, established in 1986. The institution is known for teaching moral integrity and responsibility to its students via creativity, enthusiasm, and resilience. The school fosters a vibrant, loving, and nurturing atmosphere to develop its kids. The objective of Bukit View Secondary School is to be a dynamic institution that adds value to everyone by valuing learners, learning, and learning practices. Schooling fosters a love of study, develops character and values, and promotes entrepreneurial risk-taking. Uniformed groups, performing arts, clubs, organizations, athletics, and games are only a few of the activities available at the school.

Bukit View Secondary School Campus

Distinctive Program


Bukit View Secondary School JOULES (Junior Outstanding Leaders in Energy for Sustainability) program is a multidisciplinary environmental science program. Clean Energy and Environmental Technology are the program’s main focuses. Bukit Viewans can learn design thinking and programming through this unique Applied Learning Programme (ALP). The program also focuses on fostering environmental student leadership.

Participating in the JOULES program, Bukit View residents will be motivated to pursue STEM courses at colleges and universities, particularly in the environment and sustainable energy, and contribute to Singapore and the globe. 

Bukit View Secondary School Canteen

Arts X Values (LLP)

Learning the Arts, Living the Values is a Bukit View Learning for Life program that uses drama to help pupils learn values and build socio-emotional skills.

Learning the Arts, Living the Values – Character Education Through Drama allows kids to build their character and values while cultivating positive attitudes and self-expression via real-life practical learning. Drama as a pedagogy can help pupils develop their creativity and self-confidence.

Bukit View Secondary School Garden

Personalized Digital Learning Programme (PDLP)

Bukit View Secondary has been participating in the PDLP since 2017. The Chromebooks held by each student are one of the first things new Secondary one pupils see when they walk into Bukit View Secondary. Bukit View Secondary aims to develop students who are engaged Digital Learners, empowered digital changemakers, and ethical digital users.

Bukit View Secondary School Library

Positive Education

BVSS uses Positive Education as a whole-school approach to increase students’ capacity to learn effectively, enhance resilience, and develop a learning community where students flourish and lead meaningful lives. It aligns with the school’s vision of developing Engaged Learners, Empathetic Citizens, and Ethical Advocates. Positive Education combines positive psychology research with teaching and learning best practices to help kids thrive in their classrooms. 

School Crest

The school emblem is a yellow circle with four equilateral triangles in the center. The first green triangle represents Bukit’s initial ‘B,’ and the last blue triangle represents View’s initial ‘V.’ The three green triangle peaks form two ‘S’ letters, which stand for Secondary School. The sun’s brilliance symbolizes by the yellow circle, which depicts hopes for a brighter future via education. The three green triangles (mountains) represent the broad and robust educational basis on which the students will continue to reach higher peaks in their studies, determinedly and best abilities. The virtue of pupil magnanimity symbolizes by the blue triangle (sea). It’s also the vast ocean of principles and qualities that students must learn through schooling.

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