Canberra Secondary School

by | Jun 19, 2022

Canberra Secondary School

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Various Programs Offered in Canberra Secondary School

Canberra Secondary School is a government secondary school in Sembawang, Singapore, established in 2000 and located at 51 Sembawang Road. Grateful, Respectful, and Compassionate Canberrans are Canberra Secondary School’s vision. Gratitude, respect, and compassion are three of the school’s values. They give children the chance to acquire positive values and give back to their communities. The staff at the Canberra Secondary School is knowledgeable and experienced.

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The Canberra Secondary School departments include Computer Applications, Humanities, Mother Tongue, Craft and Technology, Physical Education, and Information and Communications Technology. 

Internal School Programs

Own Your Learning (OYL) 

The Own Your Learning Program (OYL) provides students with a motivating, effective study strategy that leads to a specific outcome. Weekly personal reflections get completed with the help of their home tutors to track their progress and ensure that every day of the week gets utilized. In addition, students get helpful suggestions on maintaining a healthy school-life balance through multidisciplinary and interpersonal conduct.

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Excellence Programme

The Excellence Programme is an after-school preparation program for the Singapore Cambridge (UCLES) N/O-Levels catering to upper secondary students to study the syllabus faster and increase their content knowledge and skills. The program is a vital part of the course. The program’s degree of flexibility depends on the teachers’ selection and teaching style, which must meet the diverse demands of the majority of pupils. In the academic year of 2007, it gets established. With the emergence of more students with higher scores and eligibility for entrance to Junior College, the ‘O’ level results demonstrated the success of this approach.

Canberra Secondary School Sports

Winning HEARTS

The Craft and Technology (C&T) department launched the program by collaborating with the Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) on a collaborative service project that included upper secondary Home Economics (HE), Art (AR), Design and Technology (T) students. When the initials of these three subjects are combined, they create the word “HEART,” which gives rise to the project name “Winning Hearts,” in which we encourage one another to win hearts.

Its purpose is to incorporate students’ project work into a department-wide Integrated Project Work (IPW). It also allows students to engage in experiential learning and work on real-world scenarios as part of their schoolwork. Pupils can also assist in improving the lives of Handicapped people. As a result, this partnership can be considered a community involvement project in which the students participate in a complete service-learning experience.

Exchange Programmes

The school believes in providing students with a holistic education, reflected in the holistic character development program. In keeping with the school’s mission of being “A Global Institution of Learning,” students are encouraged to participate in community learning and collaboration with local and international institutions. It is to prepare students to think creatively and innovatively in the twenty-first century, ready to meet the problems and demands that will face them. The Global Canberrans Program gets established for students as part of the school’s academic and character development.

The program goals are to help students become more culturally aware and to expose students to the globe. And to make them aware of Singapore’s place in the world and strengthen students’ commitment and rootedness in Singapore.

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