Crest Secondary School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Crest Secondary School

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More To Know About The Crest Secondary School

Crest Secondary School construction began in June 1998, and the official handover ceremony was held on December 16, 1999. With 16 teachers and 320 pupils, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary opened its doors in the Millennium Year. Mrs Teo Khin Hiang was the school’s first principal, and she set out on a mission to make the school one of Pasir Ris’ best primary schools. 

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Art for the Lower Secondary Crest (Secondary 1 and 2)

Crest Art uses a variety of traditional and unorthodox mediums to engage pupils in colour and design principles (coasters, paper bags, caps, canvas, and masks). The goal is for children to find artists creating important uncover and understand their cultural history and offer them an authentic learning experience they can use or wear the art they’ve while also contributing to the Crest Secondary School.

When all completed artworks display around the school, the personalisation of art pieces motivates kids to do well. Incorporating such authentic assignments produces significant effects since it increases students’ self-esteem and provides them with a sense of accomplishment.

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Mechanical Design and Automation (MDA) 

Mechanical Design and Automation (MDA) is one of the five ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) given at Crest Secondary School to Secondary 3 and 4 students. Students will develop skills and knowledge in designing, producing, and assembling pieces to build simple moving items if they choose this subject as one of the two Skills Subjects to study. Simple 3D will be designed, and 3D models created prototypes will be 3D printed. They’ll also do basic mechanical fitting and assembly and put parts and components for an automated pneumatic system. When applying to ITE courses, students who complete this NT comparable topic will be regarded to have passed a scientific equivalent subject.

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More than just technical abilities are required.

While learning the abilities to use the software is crucial, we also make sure that students are aware of the soft skills that come with it. They will teach a piece of work’s objectives, plan what they require, and seek assistance if necessary. Basic ICT skills are taught as students work on mini-projects as software. As previously said want to empower our students to be better contributors to society by teaching them both technical and soft skills.

Crest Secondary School

Web Applications For Mobile Devices

Mobile Web Applications (MWA) is one of the five ITE Skills Subjects (ISS) provided at Crest Secondary School to Secondary 3 and 4 students. Students will learn to develop interactive and responsive websites using tools such as HTML and Javascript if they choose this subject as one of their two Skills Subjects to study. Students will need to learn how to edit images and create short video clips to add to their web pages as part of the process. 

Using industry-leading software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier, we have deliberately put the study of these abilities in Secondary 2 and 3. It will enable our students to learn MWA in a more concentrated and efficient manner, as they get equipped with the necessary ICT skills. On top of demonstrating understanding and basic professional abilities, good work habits such as adequate grooming and timeliness are among the anticipated outcomes during their IEP.

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