Deyi Secondary School

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Deyi Secondary School

Deyi Secondary School Singapore

Unique Facts About Deyi Secondary School

Deyi Secondary School was one of the first nine government schools to have a specialized area authorized by the Ministry of Education in May 2005, consequent direct school admission status. In November 2007, she was for Grupo N6’s Center of Excellence (COE) in the Performing Arts, and the COE was admitted officially in November 2009. The National Council for the Arts additionally recognized the school with the highest prize for schools, the National Award for Artistic Education (Blaze), in 2011.

Deyi Secondary School Campus

The school is a coeducational public school located in Ang Mo Kio Central, with around 1,200 pupils enrolled. Teck Ghee High School was from 1980 under the guidance of Mr Wu Tat Huan. Mr Lee Yock Suan, then-MP for Cheng San Constituency, formally opened it on May 5, 1982. In line with Hanyupinyin practice, the school selected Deyi as its official name in 1981. The school relocated to its present location on June 24, 2002, and was officially inaugurated on May 20, 2005, by Mr Tharman Shamugaratnam, then Minister of Education.


Teck Ghee High School opened its doors in January 1980, with roughly 1,700 pupils. It gets erected on a 3.45-acre complex along 8 Ang Mo Kio Avenue for S$4.6 million. A pottery workshop and kiln get erected in 1981. In 1982, renamed the institution Deyi Secondary School. On June 24, 2002, Deyi High School relocated to its current location and was officially inaugurated on May 20, 2005, by Minister of Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Deyi Secondary School Students


We want to develop Deyians into self-directed inexperienced individuals who actively seek out expertise and make what means in their learning for themselves. They will take ownership of their knowledge so that we may enhance the mindset and traits for lifelong learning and face the crucial problems of the twenty-first century. They will demonstrate resilience and perseverance in their involvement in life-long learning.

We strive to develop Deyians capable of exerting self-leadership, civic-mindedness, admiration, and acts of compassion as concerned citizens for the improvement of society. They will demonstrate appreciation for the humanities and lifestyle as part of their overall development as enriched persons.

They will exhibit deep-rooted principles in their thinking and emotions and a global outlook through their gracious tolerance and reputation for variety and diverse opinions.


The assignment announcement demonstrates our training concept that each newborn is a jewel. And the teacher’s role is to assist each infant in unharnessing his talent and fulfilling his goal.

Deyi Secondary School Classroom

Learning Programs:

Applied Learning Program:

Deyi’s Applied Learning Program (ALP) takes three ways to enhance our S1-3 students’ crucial 21st-century communication and media abilities. First, through the Mikémn Video Workshop and the Mikémn Augmented Reality Journalism Pathway, a school-wide approach to media creation and journalism provides students with basic skills. Our second priority is to include journalism and media production skills in EL and MTL curriculum to improve alignment with content generating and critical viewpoint development.

Deyi Secondary School Canteen

Developing Deyians’ confidence and communication skills:

Deyi ALP got the Innergy Award for school innovation from the Ministry of Education in 2019. With Deyi-honed broadcast journalism abilities, our students have successfully gained early admission to five higher education institutions.

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