Dunearn Secondary School

by | Jun 21, 2022

Dunearn Secondary School

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Everything To Know About Dunearn Secondary School

The Dunearn Secondary School project entails – the building of a new Indoor Sports Hall and the extension of all existing blocks – to the current Dunearn Secondary School. A Flexible School Infrastructure (FlexSI) Framework gets implemented to allow the school infrastructure to be more flexible in supporting teaching styles that engage students more effectively. 

The school gets built to accommodate a VI (Visual Impairment) curriculum. Connectivity between the several vital zones gets improved by keeping community sharing in mind. The architectural design – aims to emphasise the school’s “Diamond at Bukit Batok” identity. It gets accomplished by preserving the original Admin Block under the slate-like façade of the new Admin and Special Teaching Block.

A double-volume entrance concourse and an extended long canopy create an architectural experience reminiscent of entering a ‘diamond cavern.’

Dunearn Secondary School Students


Dunearn Secondary School began as the Dunearn Government Chinese Middle School in 1962. It merged with Dunearn Vocational School in 1969 to form Dunearn Secondary School. In 1986, the Chinese stream – phased away.

The Dunearn Secondary 10th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine 1969 -1979 gives a glimpse of “life and times” at the former school. The school relocated to its current location in Bukit Batok in 1993.

All of the students at the school receive a well-rounded education. We think that all students can study and that with effort and discipline, they may accomplish their full potential in a stimulating, encouraging, and compassionate environment. 

In 2007, the school got an Academic Value-Added Award (Bronze) for the Express stream, and in 2009, the school received an Academic Value-Added Award (Bronze) for the Normal (Academic) stream. In 2009 and 2010, the school was also awarded the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups.

Dunearn Secondary School

Various Departments

English Department

Our department’s strong belief in the phrase – “solid foundation and rich language for all” gets turned into sound and existing programs that help our students become critical thinkers and confident learners. We want to give all students who come through Dunearn’s doors a broad exposure to rich texts and help them enhance their grammar and vocabulary foundations. Lessons can be dynamic, incorporating group exercises, theatre, singing, and ICT.

The mission of the Mathematical Department

The Mathematics Department aims to develop every student in Problem Solvers by Learning with Engagement. We hope that Dunearnites will be able to apply Mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills to everyday lives.

Dunearn Secondary School Sports

Department of Humanities Goals

The Humanities department strives to provide students with a rich, multi-disciplinary learning experience. With its wide range of disciplines that complement one another, the department has a unique role – in developing students’ literacy abilities, critical thinking skills, and, most importantly, instilling values. 

Humanities classes assist students in making sense of the past and understanding the present via a variety of lenses. As a result, kids may make better decisions now and plan for a brighter future. It gets – to ensure that they get prepared to succeed in a fast-changing, globalised world while being rooted in a society with good values.

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