Dunman Secondary School

by | Jun 21, 2022

Dunman Secondary School

Dunman Secondary School Logo

Dunman Secondary School: About Them And Development

History of the school

The 1960s

Dunman Secondary School, which shared a field with Dunman High School and Dunman Primary School, was located on Haig Road. Dunman Integrated Secondary School – when it got opened. The school got named after Thomas Dunman, who served as Singapore’s first Commissioner of Police from 1856 until 1871. It got Singapore’s first integrated school, a test to create a common educational experience for pupils of many races and languages. Singapore was still part of the Federation of Malaya when Dunman Secondary School opened in 1963.

Dunman Secondary School

Today’s Dunman Secondary

The school rebuilt the basement in 2006 based on student input. The cellar doors got painted to give the impression of a dark tunnel. A jamming room with guitars and drums got added for the musically oriented Dunmanites. Outside the Design and Technology area, the halls – were remodelled. The basement was demolished as part of the PRIME project, and the C and T blocks will – get demolished soon.

Dunman Secondary School Canteen

Changing the way we educate and learn

The SLS is an online learning portal that provides equal access to high-quality curriculum-aligned resources in major disciplines from elementary school to pre-university, per the development of 21st Century Competencies (21CC).

The SLS also gives teachers – a set of tools to personalise and create meaningful learning experiences for students with various learning challenges. Teachers, for example, have access to tools that make pupils’ thought processes transparent. Teachers can then make educated decisions and give focused intervention to close any gaps in comprehension.

Teachers Program:

By encouraging collaborations across classes and schools – the SLS also provides a shared online platform for teachers to implement, adapt, and share new pedagogies.

The SLS is updated regularly to meet the demands of students and teachers. Curriculum-aligned resources and system tools are constantly being enhanced and developed in response to teacher and student recommendations and feedback to meet various learning needs.

Dunman Secondary School Classroom

DARE (Dunman All-Round Excellence) is a framework for achieving excellence.

The school campus gets – upgraded as part of the Ministry of Education’s Program for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools. The school continues to expand and improve. The size of the school hall will get increase, and it will be air-conditioned. The school will construct an indoor sports hall.

Following the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2005, an ex-student, Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Rashid, approached the school with an idea: to put on a concert to raise money for the victims. At the event, celebrities and students got scheduled to perform.

DSS proposed changing its logo and tagline in 2008. Former pupils of the school were outraged by this.

We understand the feelings of Dunmanites who, like us, adore the school, but we hope you can see the need – current in the twenty-first century. Our school’s slogan and the hymn will live. The former badge, which has served Dunman so well over the years, will be kept and will always remain a part of our history. The school is establishing a Heritage Centre. You might use resources to help your alma mater get to the next level.

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