Dunman High School Secondary

by | Jun 21, 2022

Dunman High School Secondary

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Everything To Know About Dunman High School Secondary

Dunman High School Secondary is also one of Singapore’s largest government schools in terms of physical size. The Integrated Programme and the Special Assistance Plan get offered at Dunman High School Secondary, a co-educational government-autonomous secondary school in Kallang, Singapore (SAP). It used to get located in West Kallang. It has produced three President’s Scholars since adopting the Integrated Programme in 2007 and is one of Singapore’s top co-educational high schools in terms of academic results. 

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The Ministry of Education founded the forerunner of Dunman High School Secondary, Kallang West Government Chinese Middle School, on October 14, 1956, amid the Chinese middle school riots, along with other schools such as River Valley High School.

During the 1956 riots, communist-leaning Chinese middle school students organised sit-ins and demonstrations, disrupted lessons, and effectively shut down their schools. The purpose – of the newly established Kallang West Government Chinese Middle School was to provide a place to learn for children who did not want to be involved in communism. A recently completed primary school on Mountbatten Road got loaned, and the first registration included roughly 100 boys from The Chinese High School and ten instructors. The school – was renamed Dunman Government Chinese Middle School after it relocated to Dunman Road in December 1957.

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Co-curricular Programs

In Dunman High School, CCA gets – viewed as an essential aspect of student life. We aim that by participating in CCA, our children will develop a healthy physique, a disciplined mind, exceptional character, leadership characteristics, and sportsmanship. Our CCA program – provides a strong emphasis on developing a wide range of talents, instilling proper values and social attitudes in our pupils, and offering healthy pleasure and enjoyment. There is also provision for the talented to be trained. Students in Senior High will get given more freedom to develop and operate their CCAs to encourage them to take greater ownership of CCAs, pursue their passions, and form bonds.

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Every pupil is skilful in earning a leader.

Leadership development is a self-improvement process. Every student has their own set of abilities, interests, and talents.

Every kid should get given opportunities to grow as a leader.

Leadership, regardless of position, requires having the confidence and initiative to make a positive change. Every student should strive to – have a positive impact in their circle of influence.

The development of student leadership must be deliberate.

Leadership skills, principles, and characteristics should be taught and evaluated. To be better prepared to accept posts/roles and lead effectively. Every student should get provided with the necessary leadership competencies. It includes providing opportunities/platforms for kids to engage in actual leadership development.

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Students with a strong desire to succeed take charge of figuring out what they want to do with their lives. They are self-motivated and courageous in their willingness to help others. They live their lives honestly and gratefully.

What does it imply for students in CSHE? It means that students take responsibility for researching the many CSHE alternatives available to them, which allows them to discover their self-identity and life purpose.

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