Damai Secondary School

by | Jun 20, 2022

Damai Secondary School

Damai Secondary School

Know The Curriculum Of Damai Secondary School

Damai Secondary School (DMSS) was founded in 1994. The institution has undergone multiple expansions.

The National Education Corner was added in 2000. The school was upgraded under the PRIME programme between 2002 and 2004, extending and enhancing the Damai Secondary School amenities.

Damai Secondary School Classroom

Programmes of Study

The Damai Academic Programme lays a solid basis for our students’ future academic milestones and lives, with learning extensions that provide breadth and depth for students to explore their passions and develop their varied skills. Our challenging programme chances for project work, conversation, and study. They want to mould all-around people who can respect and grasp the integrative nature of knowledge and apply it to their daily lives to live purposeful and meaningful life. Damai Secondary School drives the design and implementation of our curriculum; our academic programme in Damai adheres to the Singapore Curriculum Philosophy, which places every student at the centre of our educational decisions.

Damai Secondary School Students

The Co-Curriculum Promotes Student Development

The Curriculum and the Co-Curriculum make up the Total Curriculum of Damai Secondary School. Students receive a holistic education through the Total Curriculum, which includes balanced development in the moral, cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and aesthetic domains.

The Co-Curriculum is critical to children’s overall development. Damians have a variety of authentic possibilities to improve their character and citizenship through the Co-Curriculum. Damian’s beliefs and attitudes regarding life, the people around him, and the world at large shape the curriculum’s principles. The curriculum will provide Damascus residents with the necessary attitude, knowledge, and abilities, preparing each student to be a self-directed learner, a confident individual, a concerned citizen, and an active contributor.

Citizenship and Character Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), which combines National Education (NE) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), is essential for our children’s overall development and life success. CCE 2021 approaches our children’s development of values, character, social-emotional well-being, and citizenship attitudes in a holistic and integrated manner. National Education (NE), Sexuality Education (SEd), Mental Health (MH), Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Cyber Wellness (CW), and Family Education (FE) are all parts of CCE that integrate into a school-wide approach. Students need to absorb the appropriate values, attitudes, and competencies to become self-directed learners, confident individuals, active contributors, and concerned citizens, all of which desired educational goals.

Damai Secondary School Music

Consumer Education & Food (FCE)

The FCE curriculum is experiential, with hands-on exercises in a real-world setting. This curriculum helps students gain information and abilities connected with 21st Century Competencies. Promote the inquiry processes by inquiry-based learning tools such as Socratic questioning, mind mapping, games, and collaborative learning used.

Technology & Design (D&T)

Students build design thinking and doing skills through design-and-make projects, which allow them to visualise and concretise design solutions for real-world situations. It entails design solutions through sketching and drawing, producing and developing mock-ups to test ideas, and building a prototype of the design solution. Students will be immersed in the design process, which will require them to apply fundamental design and technological knowledge well design. With this in mind, the department aspires to nurture creative individuals with strong moral values as they find themselves, their interests, and abilities via visual art and music experiments.


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