Hai Sing Catholic School

by | Jun 21, 2022

Hai Sing Catholic School

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All About The Hai Sing Catholic School

Hai Sing Catholic School (HSC) is a co-educational Catholic secondary school in Pasir Ris, Singapore. The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary (FMM) created it in 1959, and it has affiliated with the Catholic Junior College. The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary (FMM) established Hai Sing Catholic School in 1959 as Hai Sing Girls’ High School, with 170 pupils. Classes were first at Punggol’s Convent Primary School. It was Serangoon’s first girls’ high school and Singapore’s second Catholic high school. Near the 7+1/4 mile mark of Upper Serangoon in 1960-1961, a three-story structure with an office, scientific labs, 18 classrooms, and a teachers’ room.

Hai Sing Catholic School


ONE.Home.School.Community: Hai Sing Catholic School is a home where hearts belong, a school where students flourish, and a society that leads, cares and serves.


They help students explore their real purpose in life, instilling school values and equipping them with hearts and minds to accomplish their destiny and be a constructive influence in the world. 

Ethos and Culture:

Hai Sing Catholic School was founded in 1959 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM). At Hai Sing, we believe that every Haisian is a child of God, endowed with gifts and a distinct personality, who will grow up to be a person of integrity and compassion who will make the world a better place. Every HAIsian will be the conclusion of their experience and throw the attention and opportunity that they deserve.

Instructors are examples of love for students and accepting responsibility for their obligations. Also, learning to seek better and more effective methods to improve students’ learning experiences. With students and staff as our priority and excellence as our goal, we relentlessly collaborate, employing creative and engaging techniques to change the overall school experience for every HAIsian.

Hai Sing Catholic School Classroom

Special Student Development Programmes:

HAIsians are encouraged to break through boundaries and explore abilities to succeed in the future. We provide specialized programs such as the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Student Leadership. 

For the ALP, our students follow teacher-designed lessons that introduce them to current, cutting-edge STEM concepts such as Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 and the fundamentals of applied science, programming, and mathematics. The ALP culminates in its second year. During which college students are educated with design questioning techniques to grasp actual-life challenges within the network and appreciate operating with high-tech equipment to layout, construct, and rebuild prototype remedies.

Hai Sing Catholic School Campus


Catholic College:

Catholic College gets affiliated with Hai Sing Catholic School. After receiving the Singapore Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level test results, students of the Express Course and the Secondary 5 Normal Academic course can apply for admission to the Catholic Junior College and earn two additional points.

Singapore Catholic Schools:

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore recognizes Hai Sing Catholic School as one of 17 Catholic secondary schools in Singapore. Students of different religions, however, are welcome to attend the institution. As previously stated, pupils of the school earn a membership incentive for enrolling in the Catholic Junior College.

Hai Sing Catholic School Singapore

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