Innova Primary School

by | May 25, 2022

Innova Primary School

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Distinctive Programs and Services Innova Primary School

Innova believes that a strong foundation is essential for success, ao they strive to develop persons of exceptional character by instilling the ISTAR principles in all Innovians. They also that all Innovians should have the knowledge and abilities necessary to flourish in the languages and sciences. These serve as the foundation for further learning, intellectual exploration, and, ultimately, contributing to society’s higher benefit. They understand the importance of balancing a solid core curriculum with a co-curricular program that develops the child holistically while also providing social chances. 

Innovians arrive at Innova Primary School with a glint in their eyes, a jolt in their step, and a spring in their step, fueled by their courage and willingness to dream big. More than just a school, Innova is a community. 

Innova Alumni Club History

The Innova Alumni Club (IAC) was founded in 2010 to bring old boys and girls of Innova Primary School together as partners to build ties and school spirit. Former instructor Ms. Elaine Tan and her students constituted the temporary committee. Mr. O Kah How (2010 graduate) and many of his peers organized a committee for ad hoc operations. But it wasn’t until 2016 that his appointment as the first alumni Chairman gets accepted. They led the temporary EXCO till 2018, along with Mr. Chui How Yee (a 2012 graduate), to establish and lay a basis for the alumni.

Since October 2018, Mr. Chui How Yee has served as Chairman, ushering in a new era for the JAC. As a consultant, Mr. O Kah Hao continues to assist the JAC. The EXCO strives to keep the school and JAC’s relationship strong.

Distinctive Programs and Services 

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

The purpose is to increase pupils’ creativity and critical thinking skills through problem-solving. The ALP is a framework for integrating thinking tools across subjects, improving SEL skills, and applying thinking skills. The Four Sight Model gets used by CPS. The progressive approach is motivated by a goal to equip all Innovians with fundamental problem-solving abilities and 21st Century competencies.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) 

Provides real-world learning experiences for Innovians to help them grow into ethically responsible citizens. It also instills ideals and improves self-expression and interpersonal skills in students. The school works to instill a sense of rootedness, responsibility for their community, and a willingness to serve fellow Singaporeans through programs. It includes the Use Your Hand Campaign, Active Recess, Intergenerational Bonding and Learning, Care for the Underprivileged, and Care for the Environment.

The Character and Leadership Education program (CLE) 

It’s a weekly values education program for the entire school that helps Innovians grow into Champions of Character and Citizenship. In 2017, the Narrative Approach was introduced in CLE Lessons for Lower Primary to encourage the “Joy of Learning” in a new way.

Co-Curricular Activities 

The school offers 19 Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) to allow all Innovians to pursue their passions and abilities. Students gain CCA-specific information, skills, values, and attitudes by participating in CCA groups. CCA also provides fantastic learning opportunities for students to develop fundamental values, social and emotional skills, and emerging 21st Century Competencies.

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