Methodist Girls’ School Secondary

by | Jun 23, 2022

Methodist Girls' School Secondary

Methodist Girls School Secondary Campus

Know All About Methodist Girls’ School Secondary

Methodist Girls’ School Secondary is a private Methodist girls’ school in Bukit Timah, Singapore, founded by Australian missionary Sophia Blackmore in 1887. It provides a six-year primary education and a four-year secondary education in its primary school. Since 2012, it has collaborated on a six-year Integrated Programme with its affiliated school, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS(I)), allowing Methodist Girls’ School Secondary students to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at ACS(I).

Methodist Girls School Secondary Banners

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos

Methodist Girls’ School Secondary girls can honour themselves and others in an open, pleasant environment that nurtures the whole child because of the school’s caring and concerned culture. Godliness – keeping the integrity and moral standards; Excellence – pursuing knowledge and meaningful experiences; and Love – identifying needs, acting, and giving to the local and global communities – are all part of the Methodist Girls’ School Secondary identity. 

Key Programs 

Reality Outside Classrooms 

Reality Outside Classrooms (ROCs) in Methodist Girls’ School Secondary is a relevant, rigorous, and responsive global education that aims to meet the problems of connecting our children with peers and adults from many cultures and learning contexts. The girls travel the Road to Discovery (Year 1), the Road Less Travelled (Year 2), the Highway to the World (Year 3), and the Road to Take Flight (Year 4) during their four years of secondary school (Year 4). They gain a greater awareness of the Asia-Pacific area and the world beyond the oceans outside of the classroom. They travelled the globe and discovered an exhilarating new perspective on culture and themselves in the global village in every place they went.

Methodist Girls School Secondary

Regional Youth Conference

Methodist Girls’ School Secondary (MGS) Regional Youth Conference (RYC) is a biennial conference for young adults ages 15 to 18 who want to engage with some of today’s most complicated issues. RYC wants to be the premier forum for Singapore and regional students to learn from and exchange ideas with experts from the public, corporate, and academic sectors. They hope to foster a spirit of invention and resilience among youth by encouraging student delegates to raise awareness of these challenges and knowledge of their complexity.

Methodist Girls School Secondary Auditorium

WZ COE for Language Arts

In 2011, Methodist Girls’ School Secondary was named a Language Arts Centre of Excellence. Methodist Girls’ School Secondary gets recognized as having expanded her expertise in language teaching to a higher level as the Centre of Excellence.

Methodist Girls’ School Secondary accomplishes the following important objectives as a Centre of Excellence for Language Arts in the West Zone, given the flexible, diverse, and innovation-driven educational landscape:

  • Encourage school-based innovation and creativity;
  • As a platform for schools to leverage synergy to accomplish effective knowledge transfer;
  • Provide meaningful benchmarks for other schools to evaluate their growth and performance; and
  • Allow the educational system to provide more variety and personalization, allowing pupils to thrive in areas where they have exceptional talents or abilities.

Methodist Girls School Secondary Scouts


The uniform is designed to seem like a sailor’s outfit and consists of a pinafore with a white top section and a navy blue lower section; and a white blouse with a sailor collar that is worn over the playsuit and covers 60% of it. Single-coloured underwear and shorts can get worn under the pinafore (white, grey, beige, navy blue, or black).

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