Montfort Secondary School

by | Jun 23, 2022

Montfort Secondary School

Montfort Secondary School Entrance

Guide To Know About Montfort Secondary School

 Montfort Secondary School is one of St Gabriel’s Foundation’s seven institutions. The Catholic school Montfort Secondary School (MSS) gets located in Hougang, Singapore. It is a government-sponsored, all-boys secondary school founded in 1916


One of the former lads of the school financed the school hall, which has seating galleries on the third floor and is also air-conditioned. The fourth level and half of the third level classrooms do not have air conditioning. The Montfort Secondary School will receive a competition-ready sports hall. Badminton courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts will get housed in the three-tiered sports hall, which will feature seating galleries.

Montfort Secondary School Campus

Unique Programs

Made in Montfort Applied Learning Program

The Made In Montfort ALP gets showcased at events like Maker Faire Singapore, and the Computing Teachers Seminar received a lot of positive reactions from both visitors and industry experts.

The school’s motto is “Do well in whatever you do,” and it gets hoped that it incorporates Design, Coding, and Making skills. The school will be able to develop a community of dynamic learners who will apply knowledge across disciplines and conceive solutions using skills learned in a rich, forward-looking curriculum.

Montfort Secondary School Classroom

Learning for Life Programme

The proposed LLP intends to develop leadership qualities and skills through outdoor adventure and sports experiences (“Learning by Doing”), and it consists of the following elements:

Students get offered opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive activities that test and develop their physical, social, and personal abilities (i.e., encourage personal mastery leading to self-leadership). And Outdoor and adventure education introduce kids to new and exciting challenges that teach them how to work together, overcome obstacles, and assess and manage risk. 

Personalised Digital Learning Program(PDLP)

The NDLP was established in March 2020 to make digital learning more accessible to all students by providing them with the digital literacy skills they need to succeed in the future. The National Digital Literacy Program (NDLP) strives to provide school kids with digital literacy skills.

Through four mutually reinforcing components in the ‘Find, Think, Apply, and Create’ framework, Digital Literacies better enable students at various phases of their educational journey to gain the digital skills necessary to navigate the digital age. 

Montfort Secondary School Students

Co-curricular activities (CCAs)

Non-academic co-curricular activities (Singapore) (CCAs), formerly known as Extracurricular Activities (ECAs), are required of all Singaporean students. The Ministry of Education (MOE) implemented this policy to improve social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Early adolescent pupils are frequently assigned public obligations through CCAs. The CCAs that Montfort Secondary School offers are listed below. Currently, there are 20 CCAs in operation (subject to change). 

Montfort Secondary School Lobby

School Crest

The initials A.M. for “Ave Maria” and a lily can be found in the top-left quadrant. The letters D+S with a cross appear in the bottom-right quadrant. Dieu Seul gets abbreviated as D.S. (“God Alone” in French). A sailboat is sailing at sea in the top-right quadrant. A star and a guy in a boat get depicted in the bottom-left quadrant. Green olive branches borrowed from Ancient Greece embellish the crest, symbolising peace and wealth. It gets emblazoned with the Latin motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” (“Labour conquers all things”).

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