Northland Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Northland Primary School

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Extra-Curricular Activities Provide In Northland School

To establish itself, the school used a pragmatic approach. It focused on two aspects of school that were important to parents: academic accomplishment and discipline. Teachers worked under the assumption that all kids are capable of learning and succeeding in Northland Primary School. This kind of thinking has paid off. Students in all cohorts Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) have regularly outperformed the national average.

Meta Description

Northland is Singapore’s school designed under the P107 design. Its structure and sprawling grounds have earned the moniker “country club school.”

Co-Curricular Activities 

Allows kids to find their passions and abilities while also learning values and skills will equip them for a quickly changing world. Encourages children to feel a sense of belonging, dedication, and duty to their school, community, and country. In keeping with educational goals, the NPS CCA programme encourages the development of positive attitudes and the internalisation of value leadership abilities, teamwork, and opportunities for constructive learning in Northland Primary School. To achieve our CCA goal of ‘Excellence via Active Learning and Sound Character,’ we seek to maximise the benefits of involvement, exposure, and expression through various CCA-initiated platforms.

Club Of Art And Craft

  • To instil a love of art and the ability to appreciate it in the members.
  • To allow members to establish their style and project a “voice” in their artwork.
  • Enrichment programmes will broaden members’ exposure to many art genres.
  • Involve members in school and community projects, such as competitions and the D’art gallery’s upkeep.

Club Of Chess

Players divide into groups based on their chess skills. Our chess coaches gradually teach new and non-school team members how to play chess. To become familiar with the rules and steps of various chess pieces. To understand how to eliminate Defense utilising approaches.


Small-sided games used in fun Aerobics routines. Drills and practice with the formation of specialised abilities to perform the various passes; inner, outer, and instep. Get an understanding of the many roles involved in cooperating and working in a football team. Friendly matches with other primary schools held regularly.

Dance In Chinese Culture

To pique the attention of the pupil in Chinese dance. It improves body flexibility, strength, movement coordination, endurance, and body control. 

To improve the student’s musical rhythm sense. 

Students will prepare for the SYF Arts Presentation and other events.


Song learning and theory development foster a passion for singing and music appreciation. Music, rhythm, and movement used creative expression. Warm-up activities involving breathing techniques and vocalisation promote good vocal practises and healthy use of voice in our young singers. Small group singing and presentations include rudimentary percussion to introduce fundamental percussion skills.

Cub Scouts

 Able to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.

Each session is allowed to lead the badge presentation, team activities for the cub scouts, and outdoor activities like learning expeditions, hiking, and environmental projects.


Each session, students are allowed to lead the badge presentation and team activities for the brownies. Organise outdoor activities such as a water challenge or an incredible marathon. Prepare for the competition by designing gaming booths and writing songs.

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