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by | May 27, 2022

Oasis Primary School

Oasis Primary School Logo

Sports And Learning In Oasis Primary School

The school crest conjures up an inviting atmosphere which our pupils are actively engaged and challenged in their studies. The surrounding circles reflect a healthy atmosphere that promotes our pupils’ holistic growth in the cognitive, moral, artistic, physical, and social realms in Oasis Primary School.

Meta Description

Government/Co-ed/Single sessions are available at Oasis Primary School.

Its mission is to create a learning community and to inspire self.

Outcomes of CCAs’ Learning

 Oasis Primary School pupils’ holistic education includes CCAs. Students learn about their interests and abilities while establishing values and competencies that will help them prepare for a quickly changing world through CCA. As they learn to play and grow together, CCAs also foster friendships among youngsters from various backgrounds. CCA participation promotes social integration and strengthens students’ feelings of belonging, dedication, and duty to their school, community, and country. CCA is an official school activity in which all students in grades 3 through 6 are highly encouraged to take part in at least one.

With parent/guardian permission, students in P1 and P2 chose to join a CCA.

Active Learning

Using PAL to improve TSR (Teacher-Student Relationship) strengthens character. PAL sessions are 100% planned by our PAM team and facilitated by our teachers to focus on enjoyable student learning experiences! The various learning experiences contextualised with school and community places in mind. We have built interactive learning places around the school, which are essential to our school’s Place-Based Learning programme (PBL). Outside of school, the Punggol Waterway provides an enriching learning setting for students to develop their connection to the community and their responsibility to maintain a clean and green environment.

Key Initiatives For Sports

Project Zero 

Project Zero expected to be a part of the PE curriculum by 2020 to improve safety at play and equip pupils with basic first-aid skills. In April 2020, an online curriculum on basic first aid was created and distributed to all students. We expect that kids will continue to keep themselves and their friends safe with increased awareness of safe play and knowledge of basic first aid.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education piques students’ interest in adventure by allowing them to explore both natural and urban landscapes, from their immediate surroundings to new places. Oasis is fortunate to use Coney Island and the Punggol Waterway as environments for our students to develop outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of environmental care and appreciation of thoughtful consideration of self and others’ risks and safety. Students learn to be safe and make smart decisions in these outdoor learning settings, create connections with the environment and the responsibility to protect it and encourage a lifelong pursuit of outdoor physical leisure.

Oasis Blaze

Oasis Blaze is the product of great connections and character development through sports, games, and the arts. Pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 5 represent the Houses of Oasis – Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz – in an annual friendly war of game skills and cheers, which students are judged on their performance House rather than as individuals.

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