Opera Estate Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Opera Estate Primary School

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What services does Opera Estate Primary School offer its students?

The school places a primary emphasis on developing pupils who are decent citizens with good character. They instill in students the importance of empathy and promote emotional well-being through the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) structure. And the implementation of the PERMAH (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, Health) and AOG (Attitude of Gratitude) programs is in Opera Estate Primary School.

Meta Description

Opera Estate Primary School is a government co-educational school located in a private housing estate founded in 1985.

School Curriculum

Subject programs in English, physics, mathematics, Mother Tongue, and various other subjects all employ strategies that allow students to study in the classroom and outside of it. The Opera Estate Primary School provides an opportunity for children to practice critical and creative thinking, which they can apply to environmental appreciation. Academic greatness is attained by effectively encouraging pupils through professional application development approaches.

Character and Citizenship Education

The school’s mission gets supported by the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Department: We Learn, We Grow, We Achieve. They aim to teach students how to be responsible for themselves, their families, and their communities and comprehend their roles in molding their own and the nation’s futures. As a result, all OEPS’ CCE programs focus on helping children develop a positive sense of self, positive relationships, and happy experiences. Pupil Development, Pupil Leadership, Pupil Discipline, Pupil Support, and Pupil Well-Being are the six pillars that they have unpacked to ensure a complete approach to CCE.

Program for Active Learning

All P1 and P2 students at Opera Estate Primary School participate in the Program for Active Learning (PAL) during curricular hours. PAL exposes kids to various engaging learning opportunities that help them develop holistically in the physical, cognitive, social, artistic, and moral domains. Students also acquire social and emotional skills like respect for others and making responsible decisions. Students will gain confidence in their abilities, build a feeling of curiosity and a positive attitude toward learning, and enjoy group experiences and teamwork through the PAL modules.

Cultural Immersion Program to Krabi

P5 students traveled to Krabi in 2019 for a Cultural Immersion Trip to learn more about the neighboring nations. It provided students to learn more about other countries’ cultures while also experiencing what schools are like in those countries. They gained a strong sense of rootedness through the experience, which nurtured the OPERA learning dispositions (Open-mindedness. Perseverance. Engagement. Resourcefulness. and Awareness).

School Achievements and events

Students can take part in a variety of innovative activities. One is the Books 2 Go program, which encourages young students to develop a love of reading. The school teamed together with the National Library Board to lend out recommended books to interested kids. With a total of 2685 books, the final Books 2 Go was able to bring joy to the youngsters.

Clubs, sports, and other activities

Sports such as netball and football; uniform groups for Brownies and Scouts; clubs for IT, art, chess, and robotics; and the Arts, which include the Angklung Ensemble, dance club, and drama club, are just a few of the CCA’s activities.

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