Park View Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Park View Primary School

Park View Primary School

Programmes And Camps In Park View Primary School

PVPS began the first phase of PRIME (Program for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools) in 2001, which involved redeveloping and equipping the school with cutting-edge technology. The Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) first administered to Primary 6 students in 2002. In 2005, the Park View Primary School received the PSE for Sports from the Programme for School-based Excellence. The East Zone Centre of Excellence (COE) for Sports opened in May 2008.

Meta Description

On January 2 1997, Park View Primary School welcomed its first 604 students. Mr Charles Chong proclaimed the school formally open on March 26 1999.

Our Department’s Program Goals

Leadership among students

To develop students into upright, self-assured, and proactive leaders with strong leadership and interpersonal skills will lead and serve in pursuit of greatness.

Creating a Character

Park View Primary School develops kids into responsible, resilient, and reflective persons who are strong team players, active contributors, and excellence champions by instilling positive moral principles in them.


To develop loyal citizens who care about their school and country, can form friendships with people of many races, languages, and religions, are resilient as individuals and as a nation, and contribute to their families, society, and country.

Values in Action (VIA)

To develop morally upright, responsible, and courteous persons not only understand their obligations in society but actively donate their services for the common good.

Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor 

The school thinks that learning outside supplements the curriculum and makes it more enjoyable and meaningful. Camp Odyssey and Camp Valor are held simultaneously for P4 and P5 students as a warm-up for the ultimate camp experience for P6 students, Overseas Cultural Immersion Camp. Pupils acquire cartography, tent-pitching, and conflict resolution throughout the camps. They can also participate in activities dragon boating, the Challenge Ropes Course, and team-building games.

  • Overcome their apprehensions and restrictions.
  • They set a goal for themselves.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Take them out of their comfort zone.
  • Develop a love for the outdoors.
  • Manage risk and improve your ability to reflect.
  • Develop your leadership and team-building capabilities.

P6 Camp Endeavour

The yearly P6 camp serves motivator and incentive for all P6 children who have met the school’s and their teachers’ goals and standards. It also gives the cohort and teachers a chance to spend quality time together. Instead of travelling to Batam, the school has decided to visit one of our local renown destinations, Sentosa. Our P6 cohort has a great time socialising with their classmate’s teachers at Skyline Luge and participates in interest activities like team-building games, laser tag games, and a go-kart-style activity. Interacting with nature and the outdoors teaches students about the ‘Leave No Trace’ concepts.

Framework for PVPS Aesthetics

PVPS’s Aesthetics programme around the Arts Framework. Its goal is to help our kids grow in three areas: cognitive (knowledge), affective (attitude), and psychomotor (skills). We hope to develop and exploit the full range of our students’ talents and contribute to their overall development through our 4E (Exposure, Expression, Excursion, Excellence) strategy. Our curriculum aims to educate not only future arts practitioners and viewers with a sense of aesthetics but also persons who are civic-minded, developed, gracious, and able to express themselves through many art forms, with a heavy emphasis on 21st-century competencies. 

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