Northland Secondary School

by | Jun 24, 2022

Northland Secondary School

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Northland Secondary School: The Things You Need To Know

The North Star has traditionally been regarded as the guiding light for navigation by explorers and travellers in the night sky. The school envisions every Northland Secondary School student becoming a Northstar, an unshakable – guiding light to everyone around them in their lives, encouraging them to accomplish the ideal goals as depicted in the North Star.

The North Star gets built around the school principles of respect, responsibility, and resilience. They give pupils a compass to use to guide their thoughts and actions, ensuring that they stay true to their beliefs in whatever they do.

Northland Secondary School Auditorium

Critical Thinker: 

To be future-ready, students must have a strong foundation in reading, numeracy, and ICT skills – and the ability to understand, evaluate, and apply knowledge from various sources. They will then move on to self-directed and collaboratively build new knowledge.

Concerned Citizen: 

Northland Secondary School Students will be aware of societal needs, be socially responsible, develop cross-cultural abilities, and contribute to Singapore. Students that – are passionate about a cause will display civic literacy and advocate for it.

Northland Secondary School Classroom

Active Sportsman:

Students will participate in at least one-lifetime sporting activity to maintain their physical well-being and exemplify Olympic values. They will become assets to the community by representing the school and the country if they have a good understanding of fitness, nutrition, and gaming principles and skills.

Servant Leader: 

Students will be able to lead themselves via self-discipline and social-emotional abilities. They will have distinct post-secondary education goals and will endeavour to achieve them. These will give them the confidence to use their – abilities to lead peers and the community, guided by the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.

Northland Secondary School Field

Creative Artiste:

Participating in various art forms can help pupils appreciate the importance of man-kind while also bringing forth their inner inventiveness. Students who are well-versed in artistic methods might pass on their enthusiasm for the arts to others.

Caring Friend: 

Students will know how to help others, love themselves, and be emotionally literate and compassionate. By demonstrating concern, they will be able to create friends and grow in friendship.

Northland Secondary School Library

Department of Humanities

The Humanities give people the tools they need to navigate the world they live. Students learn to reason about – humans and ask questions about our reality through a Humanities education. They also learn to cope with – subjective, complex, and frequently imperfect information critically, logically, and creatively.

The Humanities Department at Northland Secondary School offers a variety of subjects to help our students grow into – inquisitive and critical Humanities thinkers. Social studies, geography, and history are examples of these subjects. Our Upper Secondary Normal (Technical) students can now take Retail Operations to help them prepare for a relevant program of study at the Institute of Technical Education.

Programs of Interest

The Mask, which focused on personal interaction, meaningful connections, critical appreciation, and contemplation, was one of the centrepieces of the Secondary 3 Literature program.

The Off-Centre, the set-text offered at O and N levels, was dramatised for our Upper Secondary pupils. It gave students the chance to improve their grasp of the book, pique their interest, and appreciate the performing arts.

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