Paya Lebar Neighbourhood

by | Jun 8, 2022

Paya Lebar Neighbourhood

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What to Know About Paya Lebar neighbourhood

Paya Lebar is one of the districts seeing a lot of development right now. Paya Lebar is bustling with office and manufacturing employees and people from the surrounding Macpherson, Eunos, and Geylang estates. The PAYA LEBAR neighbourhood has industrial, high-tech, and old-school elements, albeit not necessarily in that order. Roads that were straight and parallel get bent to make space for Singapore’s Circle Line building, a new MRT track that connects the others.

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Meta Description

Paya Lebar is a little village that emanates a sense of nostalgia and local charm. Historic structures from the 1970s and 1980s offer a glimpse into the past.


In the PAYA LEBAR neighbourhood, you’ll find public and private housing. Condominiums are the most popular housing in the area, followed by landed properties like terrace homes and HDB flats.

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Within Paya Lebar’s boundaries, there are a few coffee shops. These cafes, usually situated near HDB flats or other housing and are not air-conditioned, have a range of booths serving a variety of cuisines; any hour of the day or night, eating or drinking and chatting with their neighbours. The cuisine served at these coffee shops is often Singaporean street food, such as Char Kway Teow, Ban Mian, or Prata, and is generally inexpensive. 


Small convenience businesses dot the neighborhood, catering to inhabitants’ everyday needs and selling home goods in some cases. Numerous shopping malls, such as Nex, are located beyond the neighbourhood’s limits and provide a range of retailers, including supermarkets.

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Gardens and Parks

Although the national military post dominates Paya Lebar, its position, sandwiched between the densely populated neighbourhoods of Hougang, Bedok, and Tampines, provides inhabitants with convenient access to magnificent natural spaces. Bedok Reservoir Park, a short distance to the east, has become a paradise for fitness and water sports fans. Many people visit the park daily to dragon boat, kayak, and wakeboard, while others cast their rods in the hopes of catching their big catch. Instead, visit Tampines Eco Park if you want to spend your time in a flora and animal refuge. It is also close to the Paya Lebar region and is an environmentally friendly park ideal for natural enjoyment.


The Workers’ Party and the People’s Action Party, respectively, wards Aljunied GRC and Tampines GRC in Paya Lebar. Low Thia Khiang, the former Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, was a famous Member of Parliament representing the ward, which encompassed the bulk of Paya Lebar and included the Paya Lebar Air Base. Gerald Giam took over upon his retirement.

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The Singapore International Airport was built at Paya Lebar from 1952 to 1955, and Alan Lennox-Boyd, Secretary of State for the Colonies, officially opened it on August 20, 1955. From late 1967 until the present, Singapore International Airport steadily transformed into a military aviation facility. When Singapore Changi Airport opened in 1981, it became a fully operational military airbase, and in the same year, it gets renamed Paya Lebar Air Base (PLAB).


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