Pioneer Neighbourhood

by | Jun 8, 2022

Pioneer Neighbourhood

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Know All About Pioneer neighbourhood

Pioneer is a planned area in Singapore’s West Region, named after Pioneer Road, known as Jalan Besi. The Joo Koon, Benoi, and Gul Circle industrial estates get located in this region, flanked on the north by Jurong West, the east by Boon Lay, and the west by Tuas. And the northwest by the Western Water Catchment and the south by Selat Jurong are in the PIONEER neighbourhood.

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The PIONEER neighbourhood is near the Tuas industrial district and offers a variety of attractions, including the Arena Country Club.


Pioneer, like Tuas, offers a good mix of public and private housing alternatives. Jurong Apartments, close to the Joo Koon MRT station, is one such dormitory option.

In the Benoi Sector and Pioneer Road, you’ll also find HDB estates. There are also a variety of low-rise apartments available to accommodate the large number of workers seeking lodging in these regions. These flats, which are typically 9 to 11 floors tall and fewer than ten blocks long, are designed to provide the fundamental residential needs of their tenants, such as shelter, power, and water.

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Pioneer’s high working population creates a need for eateries like its neighbouring districts. While diversity is important, not all these establishments are open 24 hours a day or even during business hours. However, several of these locations are worth the trip due to their well-known names and relatively low rates.


Pioneer and its environs have a thriving café culture sometimes overlooked. Residents say they’re so excellent that they’d like to have them all to themselves. Mango drinkers find something they enjoy among the approximately seven distinctive mango beverages. Dessert is also available, with Thai Milk Tea and various Bingsu flavours to complement the mango selections.

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The Pioneer neighbourhood has its heartland malls, which build a feeling of community while also meeting the requirements of inhabitants. A Giant Supermarket and a pharmacy get located on the four-story Pioneer Mall.

A Prime supermarket and a shop podium can get found in Gek Poh Shopping Centre. In Pioneer, you’ll also find other unique items. Chap He Diam is a grocery store that offers noodles and bottled beverages at low costs.


Frontier Primary School, Jurong West Primary School, Pioneer Primary School, West Grove Primary School, Juying Primary School, Xingnan Primary School, and Westwood Primary School are just a few of the primary schools in Pioneer and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Boon Lay Secondary School, Spring College International, National Technological University, Millennia Institute, River Valley High School, Jurong Secondary School, and Boon Lay Secondary School are the tertiary and higher learning institutions.

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The Singapore Discovery Centre, located on Upper Jurong Road, is a delightful edutainment centre with displays depicting Singapore’s history and prospective future. The Singapore Armed Forces originally envisioned the site as a museum to encourage Singaporeans to imagine their futures. The Singapore Discovery Centre, located on the military training grounds of the SAFTI Military Institute, also offers guided tours of the facilities. The majority of Singaporeans would not have had the opportunity otherwise.


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