Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

by | May 27, 2022

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School Logo

What To Know About Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

The school prepares multilingual kids to serve God and their country by nurturing them in a compassionate, bicultural environment. As a first language, the Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School offers classes in both English and Chinese. Primary 1 and 2 students are divided into 12 classes of 30 students each, while Primary 3-6 students get divided into ten classes of 40 students each.

School History

Preacher Joseph Koh established this institution in 1889, motivated by a vision and a sense of mission. He understood the importance of education and how it could assist the disadvantaged in improving their situation. He began classes for the local community’s children with his like-minded coworkers. Road End Free School, which eventually became Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, was founded in this way.

His successors shared the same sense of mission, and the village children flocked to the school in droves, forcing it to expand multiple times to accommodate them. The staff’s dedication and commitment were well-known across the community. The neighborhood felt like it was a part of the school as well. Local neighbors banded together after WWII to help rebuild and restore the school.

In 1995, Pei Hwa School was renamed Pei Hwa Presbyterian School to reflect its affiliation with Glory Presbyterian Church.

Respect for Chinese culture and language

As an SAP school, the school promotes and instills Chinese values, culture, and customs. The Chinese Arts Programme (CAP) and Bi-Cultural Enrichment Programme increases students’ understanding of Chinese culture, language, and values. Chinese folk art and songs and Chinese musical instruments like the Kuai Ban are among the culturally rich arts programs, activities, and learning experiences available to students. Every level has an anchor program that reinforces and expands on what students have learned in class. Chinese Dance and Chinese Drum are two Modular CCAs that use CAP. 

Chinese Arts Programme

Peihua Presbyterian Elementary School is a prestigious primary school with a long and illustrious history. Through various fun events like holding mother tongue biweekly, third-grade Chinese culture camp, Meiyi flagship program activities, and traditional festival celebrations, among others. On the gorgeous campus, all students may deeply sense the essence and charm of Chinese culture and mother tongue.

Program for Active Learning

The Program for Active Learning (PAL) strives to provide a complete primary education beyond topic knowledge and provide students with the skills and values they need to flourish in a globalized environment. The curriculum fosters learning outside the classroom by allowing lower primary students to participate in Sports and Outdoor Education and the Performing and Visual Arts. PAL strives to encourage children’s all-round growth in five learning areas (cognitive, moral, social, aesthetic, and physical) and provides students to develop social-emotional competencies through fun and varied activities.

School Crest 

The school’s crest features a light blue backdrop to depict the sky above the school’s serene surroundings. The school’s name is written in red to represent perseverance and passion for the country.

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