Radin Mas Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Radin Mas Primary School

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Curriculum Framework For Radin Mas Primary School

Radin Mas School began as a boys’ school with 40 students enrolled. The enrolling annexe erects in the 1950s.   Radin Mas Primary School growth and progress from its humble origins as an all-boys school in 1926 to its current status as a choice school that prides itself on allowing its pupils to play hard, work hard, and make a mark depicted in our Radin Mas Story mural. This mural encourages our children to reflect on the past, enjoy the present, and envision the future. It also intends to motivate our children, both past and present, to write their own stories as they progress through Radin Mas Primary to become more self-assured individuals, self-directed learners, and active participants.

Meta Description

Radin Mas School began as a boys’ school with 40 students enrolled. The school’s enrollment grew in the 1950s, an annexe building.

RMPS Experiences part of the RMPS Total Curriculum Framework.

Our  Radin Mas Primary School Experiences are something we take pleasure in at Radin Mas. It is a collection of carefully designed programme activities that aim to develop each child and prepare future competencies. These programmes attempt to shape students’ cognitive growth or head knowledge, as seen by our excellent teaching and learning, CCAs, Applied Learning Programme or ALP in Computational Thinking with Design Thinking, and other initiatives. We are committed to building the student’s hearts and heads knowledge through our character and values programme. The school’s use of Positive Education as part of our student well-being framework is one example.

Programme for Lifelong Learning:

It’s all about having a growth mindset. Resilience. Independence. G.R.I.T@ RMPS or Teamwork. All Primary 1-6 students will participate in cohort camps specifically developed for each level as part of their RMPS experience. Students will be able to ruggedness and resilience through outdoor experiences, forge camaraderie, instil principles of collaboration and individual responsibility, and boost their sense of adventure and curiosity with the outdoors by participating in these programmes. We hope that our students will develop a good attitude toward experience and activities and live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Computational and Design Thinking 

Students who begin a 6-year Computational Thinking and Creative Thinking Curriculum will be exposed to various real-world problems and scenarios and challenged to turn those obstacles into design opportunities. As part of the school-based curriculum, pupils in Primary 4 to 6 learn Computational Thinking (CT) using Scratch and Micro: bits coding. Design Week Challenges are carried out during recesses to inspire kids to apply their analytical thinking in designing goods through play and promote their computational thinking approach in their learning and development.

Positive Education

From 2018 forward, Radin Mas Primary School has been pursuing Positive Education. The school aspires to bring our kids and staff to an of flourishing, guided by Martin Seligman’s work in his book Flourish. It is the state in which our employees and students can discover meaning and purpose in their lives, do significant and worthwhile work, interact with others on a deeper level, or live “the good life.” Positive Education, we feel, would be an effective tool in allowing our kids to develop better self-confidence and to confront future problems with grace, optimism, and perseverance.

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