Raffles Girls’ Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Raffles Girls' Primary School

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Learning Experience In Raffles Girls Primary School 

Miss Tan Siok Cheng, the principal of Raffles Girls’ Primary School, is continuing the school’s long legacy of excellence. The school was one of Singapore’s first primary schools to obtain the Singapore Quality Class Award in 2003. In February 2005, the school received the People Developer Standard, and in April 2006, the School Distinction Award. Miss Tan retired from service after a distinguished career, and Mrs Yue Yoke Mun took her place in Raffles Girls’ Primary School.

Meta Description

On March 4, 1844, Raffles Girls’ School opened its doors with six boarders and five learners. But it eventually evolved into an educational institution.

Enriching Your Education

RGPS believes in a pedagogical repertoire that places each student at the centre of their learning. To focus on pupil engagement and learning (Instructional Programs) have applied a learner-centred lens to their curriculum content by implementing pedagogical strategies in Raffles Girls’ Primary School. Such as drama in English, games approach in Math, inquiry-based learning in Science, and cooperative learning in Mother Tongue (MT) lessons. Utilizing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to conduct courses and encourage participation enhances the pedagogy. The style and delivery of ICT lessons enable students to be independent learners while also allowing learning to extend into cyberspace, where students participate by sharing information and providing feedback.

Talent Development

The school believes in creating a rich learning environment that challenges students’ thinking to their potential. It implements a talent development strategy based on Renzulli’s Enrichment Triad. This programme aims to introduce students to various topics and areas of interest to help them develop their talents. Academic and non-academic enrichment programmes, such as computer enrichment programmes, are also offered to help students learn more about their areas of interest and aptitude. The IRS (Individualised Research Study) remains a cornerstone of the GEP enriched curriculum, allowing students to do a little research project based on their unique interests.

Characteristics and Appearance of Moulding

During curriculum time, conscious attempts made to combine character development teachings into both IP and non-IP disciplines to instil positive values in the students. National Education is also infused into the learning experience to promote students’ knowledge of our multi-racial society through school-sponsored programmes like NE Fridays. The school strives to make learning content more engaging by using real-world experiences to better prepare students for jobs and life. Pupils get faced with the intricacies of real-life problems and projects through a realistic curriculum, which requires students to see applications of the knowledge they have learned.

Creating a Positive Atmosphere

The school believes that a favourable physical, social, emotional and academic environment is necessary for students to learn. It aims to create a learning environment students feel valued and accepted, with learning as the primary goal. The school also pays close attention to its infrastructure to provide a well-rounded education. The indoor sports hall for various PE programmes has to get remodelled, as have the school’s equipment and spaces. The school uses students’ work and other visual resources to create appealing displays across the campus. The physical environment has improved to make it more friendly and conducive to study.

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