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by | May 14, 2022

SAA Architects

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SAA Architects

SAA is a well-known full-service architectural firm based in Singapore. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the design and execution of people-oriented architecture that links communities with their urban settings, with over 50 years of design and constructed experience.

Our firm, guided by our key principles of Urbanism, Humanism, and Optimism, creates projects that seamlessly integrate with the physical environment, fostering meaningful interactions by putting people, their culture, and their communities at the center of our designs.

Over 200 worldwide specialists work with partners and customers at SAA to challenge traditional ideas in an increasingly complex, technology-driven environment, resulting in new and long-lasting solutions for all of our projects.

Our commitment on exceeding expectations in design and service delivery over the past decade has enabled us to produce and implement works of varying size, typology, and complexity. Our firm has expanded to encompass Master and Urban Planning, Interior Design, and Medical Planning, solidifying our commitment to positively shaping the world around us.

As part of the Surbana Jurong (SJ) Group, SAA has access to the enhanced resources and scale of SJ’s worldwide platform and infrastructure, enhancing our capacity to give more value in our design and service offerings to customers and partners.

Surbana Jurong Group is a company based in Singapore.

Surbana Jurong Group is a worldwide urban, infrastructure, and managed services consulting organization with a track record of successful project execution spanning over 70 years. Surbana Jurong and its member firms AETOS, B+H, KTP, Prostruct, RBG, SAA, Sino-Sun, and SMEC have a worldwide talent pool of 16,500 people located in more than 120 offices in more than 40 countries. Architects, designers, planners, engineers, and other experts are among them, all of them are motivated by progressive thinking and innovative ideas to help construct a better future.

Our technical expertise provide long-term solutions that span the full project life cycle, from planning to design to delivery and management to decommissioning and closure. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of interdisciplinary consulting services in a variety of industries, including aviation, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, water and environment, and energy and resources.

Surbana Jurong has constructed over a million residences in Singapore, designed master plans for over 30 nations, and developed more than 100 industrial parks across the world. “Building Cities, Shaping Lives” is our tagline, and it illustrates how every project or endeavour is a chance for the Group to fulfill goals and enhance lives. We are redefining cities and transforming them into sustainable and liveable spaces where communities and businesses, present and future, can thrive by designing and delivering quality housing, work spaces, roads, rail, hydropower, dams, underground and coastal protections, and other critical infrastructure needed by our clients.


Our work weaves together, engages with, and influences the urban environment, generating meaningful relationships between people, buildings, and the urban landscape.


In our work, we use an empathetic approach. It shapes how we interact with one another and is reflected in the environments we create.


We look at construction obstacles as opportunities to learn new things and push the boundaries of our ideas.

Transit-Oriented Development

The trend in cities is toward large-scale, mixed-use, transit-oriented projects. We thrive in delivering transit-oriented projects that serve as the nexus of their respective communities in Singapore.

Our people-centric values are seen in the developments’ connectivity, accessibility, and sustainability, which weave together the complex interplay of social and urban fabrics into a vibrant experience for the local community – the result of balanced stakeholder alignment, carefully considered placemaking, and purposefully designed public spaces.

Commercial and mixed-use properties

We have created landmark buildings that not only interweave with their context but also imbue them with a sense of place that celebrates their culture and heritage, from grade ‘A’ offices like One Raffles Place to complex transit-oriented developments like Jem. Our emphasis on the user experience and community relationships generates dynamic and sustainable venues.


A focus on people and future preparation is critical for effective results in healthcare design in our new social construct characterized by demographical and epidemiological trends.

Our user-centered design and holistic well-being approach results in complete and adaptable architectural and medical planning solutions that foster meaningful relationships between patients, medical personnel, buildings, and the environment.

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