Sengkang Green Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Sengkang Green Primary School

Sengkang Green Primary School Logo

Best Thoughts about the Sengkang Green Primary School

The Tembusu tree inspired the Sengkang Green Primary School crest, which depicts a growing youngster grounded in strong ideals and prospering in a fast-changing, globalized world. The child, also symbolized by an open book, is a lifelong student with a thirst for knowledge and perfection. Parents and teachers work together to give a well-rounded education, balanced character development, and skill development for the kid.

Meta description:

Sengkang Green Primary School, a brand new school in Sengkang New Town, was established in 2013. It is now a primary school well-regarded by parents and the community.

Tembusu Tree: 

The Tembusu tree is a Singaporean native. It is a huge evergreen tree that may grow 40 meters tall. This hardy, long-lived tree is by its deeply fissured dark brown bark and distinctive vertical branching. It is hardy and can thrive in poorly drained clay soil. It is also pest and disease-resistant. During the blossoming season, her creamy white blooms emerge in the evening and emit a powerful perfume.

Similarly, we want our children to be resilient and flourish in the complex, international society they live. They will grow to be excellent people who make valuable contributions to the nation. They will get entrenched in our basic principles and Singapore, our home.

Our Mission: 

To educate healthy and happy people who are ready to serve and ready for the future.

Our Vision: 

A caring atmosphere and a spirit of excellence.




Active Teamwork

Respect and accountability


School Policies: 

  • All students need to arrive at school on time and stay until dismissal. Absence from class must support by a medical certificate or a letter from the parents outlining the valid reasons.
  • Always be on your best behavior, both in and out of school. Avoid trouble and acts that might endanger you or others.
  • Teachers, non-teaching staff, guests, and classmates should all treat with courtesy.
  • Bring the essential books and supplies to class.
  • Pay attention and participate in-class activities. Submit tasks promptly.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the school and take good care of the school’s property.
  • Wear the proper school uniform; no changes for alterations to the uniform.
  • Maintain a nice look.
  • Boys’ hair must be short and sleek. Mustaches and beards are not permitted.
  • Girls’ must tie back their hair at shoulder length or longer. Only hair accessories in black are permitted.
  • Expect Singaporean students to sing the national song and swear the oath.
  • Students will take the oath while holding their right hands to their hearts.

Principal’s Words:

“We are ready to serve,” says the 2022 slogan. SKGians will continue to benefit from the school’s emphasis on character development. Sengkang Green strives to provide SKGians with the ability to make responsible decisions, a critical skill that helps their social-emotional growth. The topic is related to the school’s objective of preparing SKGians to serve with an others-centered perspective. SKGians will be led by the ICAR2E values of the school and regard themselves as capable of contributing to the well-being of others in their family, school, community, nation, and beyond.

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