Shuqun Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Shuqun Primary School

Shuqun Primary School Logo

Reasons to know about Shuqun Primary School

Shuqun Primary School was founded in 1925 and was known as Tuan Cheng Public School. It later became known as Seh Chuan High School.   Seh Chuan High School was changed from a controlled school to a government school in April 1983, with the Hanyu pinyin name Shuqun High School. The Shuqun Primary School was separated from the high school in April 1984 and renamed Shuqun Elementary School. Shuqun Primary School moved to its new location in June 1986, with 533 children and 17 instructors led by Mr. Tear Ee Soon.

Mr. Wong Chwee Neo took over as principal of the school on December 15, 1993. Ms. Chan Wai Lin then took over as Director from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2003, followed by Mr. Gary Tsu Chin Sun from January 1, 2004, to December 14, 2010, and Ms. Geetha Doraisamy from December 15, 2010, to December 15, 2018. 

Meta Description:

The current Director is Ms. Sara de Souza, who will join by Deputy Directors Ms. Adeline Kee (Curriculum), Mr. Muhammad Fadylla Rashiman (Curriculum), and Ms. Angela Lee (Administration). The number of pupils has increased time to a current estimate of 1,309, while staff members have increased to 124.

School symbol:

The letters SQ, which are the initials of Shuqun Primary School, are depicted on the school’s crest. They also symbolize our school’s slogan. The circle surrounding the letters symbolizes our multicultural students’ togetherness and harmony.

Our Philosophy: 

We believe in holistic education, which allows every child to discover the love of learning in a secure and caring environment.

Our Mission: 

To cultivate a star in every Shuqunite who tries to make a meaningful contribution.

Our Vision: 

A dynamic learning community founded on principles and driven by a desire to serve.



We have the civil courage to defend what is right by aligning our ideas, words, and actions with ethical values.


We can express ourselves, be compassionate, and live in harmony with others and the environment.

Active teamwork: 

We are resilient and respond constructively to change and hardship.

Respect and responsibility: 

We respect ourselves, others, and the environment.


We are attentive and dedicated to constant development and the quest for knowledge.

School Rules and Regulations:

  • Singaporean students are to sing the national song and swear the oath.
  • Students will take the vow by making a fist with their right hand over their hearts.
  • Students must wear the official school uniform, with no alterations authorized.
  • Students must be clean-shaven and not have a beard or mustache.
  • Students must comply with the Shuqunite look and conduct expectations.
  • If required, students must queue.
  • When necessary, disciples should speak quietly and remain silent.
  • If a pupil is ill, they should stay at home.
  • Students are responsible for all shared and public property.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted to be brought to or used at school by students.
  • Students must be proud of their school and their country.
  • Students must be kind and considerate.
  • Students must always be on time.
  • Disciples must always be sincere, honest, and submissive.

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