St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary

by | Jun 28, 2022

St. Joseph's Institution Secondary

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Things To Know About  St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary

St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary provides a dual-track education to its secondary school boys, consisting of an Integrated Program (IP) and an ‘O’-Level programme (OP) in St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary. The IP track is a 6-year programme that culminates; in the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program) in Years 5 and 6. The IBDP is a two-year pre-university programme that accepts both boys and girls (co-education). 

The ‘O’ Level track is a four-year programme that culminates in GCE ‘O’ Level examinations four. They can apply to continue the IBDP at SJI or pursue courses at other junior colleges or polytechnics based on their O-level examination results.


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 St. Joseph’s Institution Secondary, formerly known as St. John’s Institution, was established in 1852 as the De La Salle Brothers’ first missionary establishment in the Far East. This project started with Rev Fr Jean-Marie Beurel MEP, who gave six Brothers from Europe the chance to build a school utilising a former chapel as a location. An attap hut was built within a year to accommodate all of the pupils. The cornerstone of a new school building was placed on March 19, 1855 (Feast of Saint Joseph), and the school became known as St. Joseph’s Institution after that date.

Secondary 1 Admissions Criteria

Primary 6 males were admitted to SJI Secondary 1 based on their PSLE results. Direct School Admission is available to those with talents in athletics, the arts, or innovation (DSA). Those who do not receive admission based on their PSLE score may appeal for a position at SJI if vacancies exist. Applicants who are appealing to SJI must meet the program’s cut-off point (COP). We do not admit boys into Secondary one who has not taken the PSLE or SPERS-Sec examinations unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

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A plain white collared shirt the school on the pocket school uniform. Secondary school males (Years 1 and 2) wear white shorts, while Year 3 and 4 boys wear white long pants. In Years 5 and 6, the IBDP boys wear a white shirt with a green inner collar and the school badge on the pocket, along with white pants, while the girls wear a white top with the school badge on the left-hand side and a dark green skirt. The shirt tucked into the bottoms of the pants.

Co-Curricular Activities 

Sports, Uniformed Groups, and Clubs & Societies are the three primary groups of Co-Curricular Activities at SJI. Canoeing, football, and table tennis are among SJI’s specialities. Under the direction of Mr Tan Thiam Hee, the St Joseph’s Institution Military Band (SJIMB) won the Gold with Honours Honor at the recent 2009 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging, the highest award in the tournament.

 It was one of the competition’s top ten bands to accomplish so.

The band won the Silver prize in the Central Judging of the 2011 Singapore Youth Festival. The set-piece was Memories of Friendship, and the choice piece was the Seventh Night of July.

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