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by | Jun 28, 2022

Victoria School

Victoria School Logo

Everything You Need To Know About The Victoria School

Victoria School (VS) was founded in 1876 and is an all-boys school with a strong spirit, rich legacy, and broad-based holistic education. The Victorian Spirit embodies Victorian friendship, a competitive spirit, and a desire to be the best. Victoria School is a dual-track school that offers both a 4-year ‘O’ level curriculum and a 6-year Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Program (VCA IP) designed in collaboration with Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (CGSS) and Victoria Junior College (VJC). Every Victorian will grow in character and leadership in cognitive, physical, and artistic realms in community service. Our Victorians get groomed into upright and balanced leaders via a broad-based demanding curriculum and an engaging educational atmosphere that stimulates thinking, creativity, and cooperation.


Victoria School Campus

Campus and facilities:

The Victoria School grounds are 3.5 hectares in size (8.6 acres). The “Eco-Street,” which gets covered with tropical flora and housing fish and turtles, runs between the classroom and scientific blocks, offering natural light and ventilation to the classrooms as a venue for outdoor study. The Victoria Pool, Learning Garden, Bio Pod, and Exploration Patch all reflect a departure from traditional classroom learning. A 500-seat theatre and a three-story library are also available at the Victoria School, with the third floor allocated for instructors and various instructional tools.

Victoria School Canteen

Victoria Hall:

Within the school grounds, Victoria Hall is a dormitory consisting of two 11-story blocks (one male and one female). It gets located near the sea and East Coast Park, providing boarders with a pleasant sea view and easy access to the park’s recreational attractions. It has roughly 500 boarders from various ethnicities, including Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese, who attend Victoria School or Victoria Junior College.

Sports facilities:

In June 2009, the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) finished. It has two stories, but due to the high ceiling, the structure is nearly seven stories tall. An air rifle range, a tennis and basketball court, a fitness section, and a gymnasium are all available at the school.

Victoria School Classroom

Computer facilities:

For the advantage of instructors and students, the Ministry of Education provides a wi-fi network (SWN) that covers most of the school.


As part of the school uniform, students must wear a white short-sleeved shirt with khaki shorts or long pants. A ‘Victoria’ label gets stitched on the rear pockets of the pants. School belts get worn by students in grades 3 and 4. In 2005, an official ‘Victoria School’ shoe was developed, bearing the initials ‘VS’ on either side. For physical activities and camps, students wear a bright yellow ‘bumblebee’ T-shirt over black shorts, white socks, and sports shoes.

Victoria School Lobby

Co-curricular activities:

Students can participate in 40 co-curricular activities (CCAs) in four categories: sports, uniformed organizations, performing arts, and clubs and societies. Rhapsody, Drama Festival (Dramafest), Musical World, Arts Festival, and Evening of Music and Drama (EMD), the annual Sports Day, and Cross-Country Championship are some of the school’s performing arts and athletic events.

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