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All you need to know about District 20 Singapore

District 20 Singapore is a residential area with big, established housing estates in Ang Mo Kio mixed in with newer developments in Bishan and Thomson. Because of their closeness to the Central Business District, some residential homes are significantly more costly than others (CBD). Another element that supports the pricing is the location’s services and amenities. It includes excellent schools, retail malls, and several community centers.

As a result, various residential housing types get constructed to fulfill the demands of those drawn to District 20 Singapore. These include Ang Mo Kio HDB apartments and condominiums like Centro Residences, Nuovo, The Panorama, and buildings along Thomson Rd. and Bishan St. 12 and 15. 

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The new Ang Mo Kio Hub has drawn numerous tourists to the neighborhood. It is a multi-story shopping mall and parking lot that connects the Ang Mo Kio MRT Station and the Ang Mo Kio Bus Station. The AMK Hub’s anchor supermarket is the NTUC FairPrice Xtra Hypermarket. Junction 8 is Bishan’s primary retail mall, supplying the district’s residents’ shopping requirements. There are other cafés in the vicinity as well. Sanyu Adventist Institution serves Thomson’s elementary and secondary schools, a prominent Christian school. The Revenue House, which houses the Singapore Government Revenue Agency, is one of the offices.

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To connect three MRT stations of the district: Bishan MRT Station, Ang Mo Kio MRT Station, and Thomson MRT Station. Alternative transit choices include the Bishan Bus Interchange, the recently completed Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, and the Central Expressway.

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Ang Mo Kio: 

The literal meaning of Ang Mo Kio is “red bridge,” which represents pleasure and wealth in Chinese culture. It is from the name of a bridge designed by J.T. Thomson and located on Thomson Road. He used to work as a surveyor for the Singapore government. Ang Mo Kio was once a tiny village where locals made a living by cultivating fruits and vegetables and keeping cattle. A lot of small enterprises were also performing relief work.

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Bishan is another famous residential neighborhood in District 20, located three kilometers from Ang Mo Kio. Bishan means “large graveyard” in Cantonese, and this was indeed a large graveyard until the major projects transformed it. Area. Previously, this region was known as Soon Hock Village and Kampong San Theng, and it was home to Chinese Hokkien dialect and substantial Cantonese dialect populations. Bishan is now a posh residential district with 19,000 flats.

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Finally, Thomson, another famous District 20 Singapore neighborhood, has a combination of home buildings, hotels, and vacation areas. Because of the prominence of real estate and luxury condominiums such as Espana and The Compass at Chancery. The property values here are significantly higher than in other regions. More importantly, Thomson has established itself as an educational hub and a food paradise. Thomson Plaza, the primary commercial mall, houses various music schools and dancing facilities. Thompson is familiar among food lovers because of the variety of eateries on Upper Thomson Road. It includes Black Sheep Café, waffelicious, The Roti Prata House, and Little Pancakes.

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