Sembawang Primary School

by | May 28, 2022

Sembawang Primary School

Sembawang Primary School Logo

First Ever Primary School in Sembawang 

Sembawang Primary School believes in holistic education, which allows each child to discover the love of learning in a secure and loving atmosphere. The school provides a holistic education to assist each child find the love of learning in a safe and caring atmosphere. Sembawang Primary School aspires to be a lively learning environment that prepares kids to be inventive. SPS cultivates innovators in a thriving community by instilling a growth attitude in its students and workers. Sembawang continues to adapt to better prepare its pupils for the challenges of the twenty-first century; they know that this is a journey that necessitates strong collaboration among family, school, and community. SPS also provides sports teams, uniformed and aesthetic organisations, clubs, and societies in addition to the curriculum.

Meta Description:

When the ministry chose to establish the first primary school in Sembawang New Town in 1998, our founding director, Mr. Han Mok Puek, was tasked with overseeing the building and commissioning of the school. 

Mr. Han spearheaded the process and offered clear guidance for the Sembawang Primary School to prosper, from infrastructural considerations to the school’s concept and fundamental principles. Mr. Albert Alcantara built on the excellent foundation laid in the early years and broadened the students’ learning experiences. The arts festival gives kids the opportunity to showcase their abilities on a real platform and boost their self-esteem.

School Symbol:

The STAR represents the school’s belief that every kid is a winner. 

The star’s EIGHT ARMS represents the eight desirable objectives of fundamental education.  

The two CONCENTRIC CIRCLES represent the school’s commitment to providing pupils with “roots” and “wings” through a well-rounded education.

Philosophy of the school:

We believe in holistic education to enable every child to find the delights of learning in a safe and loving atmosphere.

The vision of the school:

Value-based, innovative students We describe creative students and staff as proactive and willing to take chances to solve challenges and generate value for themselves, others, and the community. Principles-based living entails adopting and embodying the core values in our everyday lives. The school desires that all students be grounded in relational and functional principles.

The mission of the school:

  • Inspiring Innovators in a Thriving Community
  • Developing innovators is a continuous process. We foster innovators in a thriving community through
  • Fostering a development mentality in our students and faculty
  • Creating learning experiences and environments that inspire inquiry and Develop student voices
  • Deliver comprehensive education through new and successful pedagogies
  • Develop high-quality relationships with our students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, and communities.

The motto of the school: 


School values: 

It requires relationship values for the development of quality connections with others. We can be more effective as a result of functional benefits. They nurture the entire being when they work together.

Lifelong learning is a value, an attitude, and a talent that all of our students should have. In the future, we will make learning enjoyable for our pupils while still assuring solid learning. It is for children to have an internal incentive to study, which motivates them to explore and uncover their hobbies and passions. This paradigm change will be difficult, but the school attempts to develop children who appreciate learning and are capable and flexible in acquiring information and skills throughout their life.

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