Yishun Neighbourhood

by | Jun 9, 2022

Yishun Neighbourhood

yishun neighbourhood town

More To Know About The Yishun Neighbourhood

Yishun significant, a suburb in Singapore’s north region, is considered part of the city’s heartlands. State. The area is separated into eight smaller neighbourhoods due to its size. The district’s many parks and the broad range of schools, Yishun Neighbourhood retail centres, and clinics make it an ideal spot for families to live.

yishun neighbourhood park

Meta Description

Yishun Neighbourhood formerly known as Nee Soon, is a residential town in Singapore’s North Region, bordered to the north by Simpang and Sembawang and to the west by Mandai.

Stay in Yishun

YISHUN neighbourhood has a wide range of housing alternatives, including public and private housing. HDB flats are ubiquitous, and they come in various styles, sizes, ages, and price ranges. The homebuyer would have no trouble finding the ideal property for their needs. If you are disappointed with the current possibilities, keep an eye out for the new Built-to-Order (BTO) HDB flats soon available in the area.

The condominiums that are available for consideration are just as numerous. Prospective house buyers should look into Euphony Gardens, Eight Courtyards, or Orchid Park Condominium. Alternatively, keep an eye out for forthcoming buildings such as North Park Residences that will complete years.

yishun neighbourhood town center

Eat & Drink in Yishun

Yishun has a variety of fantastic restaurants, so potential residents will be well fed and not disappointed. If you’re looking for hawker food, go to 928 Yishun Laksa, which is well-rated and reasonably priced. Try a plate of boneless chicken rice at 925 Yishun Chicken Rice, which has President Tony Tan as a regular diner. Burger, a Singaporean fast food business that allows you to customise your burgers, serves burgers with a Singaporean twist.

Head to Holy Cow Creamery for waffles and ice cream, or Doughwory Bakery for pastries, for a sweet treat. Not only for their food but also their drinks, two cafes have gotten rave reviews!

Yishun is a shopping district in Singapore.

As previously said, Yishun separates into eight smaller communities, each with its neighbourhood centre, which includes convenience stores, coffee shops, and, in some cases, supermarkets, allowing inhabitants to shop for groceries closer to their houses. The commercial mall in the area is Northpoint Shopping Centre is located just across from Yishun Bus Interchange and opposite Yishun MRT Station. It has undergone various extensions throughout the years to satisfy the growing demands of the people; the most recent expansion will complete in 2018. Northpoint Shopping Centre currently houses various restaurants, a supermarket, and a bookshop. It also contains a library and a Harvey Norman furniture store where locals can shop.

yishun neighbourhood mall

Yishun, Have fun!

Aside from the forthcoming community club at Northpoint Shopping Centre, Yishun already has five community clubs to meet the needs of its people: residents can learn a skill or martial art for a reasonable price, with discounts available for youngsters and the elderly.

SAFRA Yishun Country Club and Orchid Country Club are two of the country clubs in Yishun. Apart from the amenities, SAFRA Yishun Country Club offers a rock climbing wall, while Orchid Country Club has paintball facilities and is a popular staycation destination. A cineplex, GV (Golden Village) Yishun, is also a popular attraction in the area, with top-notch facilities that are also environmentally friendly.

yishun neighbourhood playground

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